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2024 NFL Draft: Why Malik Nabers Is a Future Star

Breaking down what Malik Nabers brings to the table as he is one of the top wide receivers in the 2024 NFL draft class.

Every draft season wide receiver is a position that gets talked about as much or more than any other position besides quarterback.  This is for very good reason as in the modern NFL wide receivers are more important than ever to building a productive offense and the 2024 NFL draft class has multiple good options.

In recent years we have seen wide receiver classes loaded with talent and this year is no different.  The headliner of the class is Marvin Harrison Jr. who gets a lot of hype and rightly so as he is a near flawless prospect.  However, he isn’t the only wide receiver who I believe warrants a top five selection in this class.

Malik Nabers came into this college football with first round hype but has shattered even those expectations as his 1,545 receiving yards in 12 games is the best college football.  Not only does he have elite stats, but he’s shown the traits to develop into a true number one receiver in an NFL offense.

2024 NFL Draft: Malik Nabers Player Evaluation

Separation Ability

The most important thing a wide receiver needs to be able to do to be the top target in an NFL offense is to create separation consistently.  Nabers has high-level separation ability as he wins consistently on a variety of routes to all levels of the field.

His ability to change directions and speed is amongst the best of any wide receiver in this class.  This combined with his technical ability to manipulate defensive backs to create separation at the top of his route allows him to be very effective on routes coming back to the ball like curl, comeback, and hitch routes.

Nabers is also very good on routes over the middle as his awareness and route adjustment ability allow him to settle into zones to create throwing lanes for the quarterback.

Downfield Threat

Nabers can separate to all levels of the field at a high level including downfield as he is one of the best deep threats in college football as his 19 catches on routes 20+ yards downfield was second in the FBS this season.

His long speed is very good and is something defenses always have to be aware of when defending him but there’s so much more that goes into his deep threat ability.  Nabers has an elite ability to manipulate defensive backs by selling in-breaking or out-breaking routes forcing them to take a false step in which case he utilizes his burst and acceleration to soar past defensive backs downfield.  Once he’s open downfield his ball tracking is very good and allows to come down with deep balls.

Run After Catch

A wide receiver’s ability to create with the ball in their hands after the catch is more important now than it ever has in the NFL.  This is one the biggest selling points to Nabers’ game as his run after catch ability allows him to create explosive plays as well as add value in the quick passing game.

His burst and acceleration give him the ability to eliminate angles and separate from defenders in the open field while his elusiveness and change of direction force missed tackles from defenders.

Body Control/Adjust to Ball

Another one of the selling points to Naber’s game is his ability to make high-difficulty catches.  At 6-foot-0, 200 pounds he isn’t a prototypical contested catch wide receiver but he’s someone who is consistently able to adjust to and haul in throws high and outside of his frame or behind him.

Bottom Line

Malik Nabers has seen his 2024 NFL draft stock rise drastically throughout this season and for good reason, he has a good chance to develop into a true number-one receiver in the NFL.  He not only has elite production in the best conference in college football but also an elite skill set that projects to translate well to the next level.



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