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The Future Superstar Who The Denver Broncos Need NOW

The playoffs are right around the corner for the most talented NFL teams. This is the future superstar who the Denver Broncos need NOW!
Future Superstar

The playoffs are right around the corner for the most talented NFL teams. But some quality clubs will miss out. For the Denver Broncos, an early hole is hard to dig out of. But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. And there is a player on the Broncos roster who can help them right now. He may be undervalued. He may not be a household name. And he may not be a superstar..yet. But Denver had better rely on him if they want to win games going forward and make the postseason. This is the future superstar who the Denver Broncos need NOW!

The Denver Broncos Need This Future Superstar NOW

Javonte Williams

Running back Javonte Williams is a future superstar. And the Broncos need to show fans that they know it. Williams’ usage, after a slow start to the season, increases seemingly every game, with more and more put on his capable shoulders. Of course, he had to begin the year carefully, after an injury in 2022. But since recovering, Williams has been a key contributor to Denver’s offense. And, not only that, he’s been a focal point of an offense on a winning streak. Williams had 15 carries against the Green Bay Packers to begin the streak, his most of the season. Then, he followed with two straight games of over 20 carries in each. And he had 18 in Cleveland in a large-margin win.

The formula seems simple, just give Javonte Williams the ball. He is a future superstar running back. He is extremely difficult to tackle. And, apparently, feeding him the rock leads to team victories. When Williams had only 11 carries against the Minnesota Vikings, the Broncos almost lost. And when he had only 13 carries against the Houston Texans, Denver did lose. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – let Williams lead the way. The Broncos need to get back on track. And after quarterback Russell Wilson threw three interceptions in the last game, the answer seems obvious. Run the ball, manage the game, play smart. And get back to winning ways quickly, before the postseason starts without you.

Run Right Into The Postseason

Next up for the Denver Broncos – the Los Angeles Chargers. And while the Chargers aren’t an incredible team at 5-7, they are still a tough opponent. And the Broncos can’t afford many more losses if they want to make the playoffs. They may not be able to afford even one. But, fortunately, this is a winnable game. And the easiest way to win is to follow the recipe of what has worked before. Javonte Williams needs to lead the charge. This future superstar is one breakout game away from taking the league by storm. His talent is undeniable – all Denver has to do is use him correctly. Even 25+ touches in the game isn’t a bad idea and could be just the thing to get the Broncos back on the right track.

The Future Superstar Who The Denver Broncos Need NOW

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the correct one. The Broncos lost a game they couldn’t afford to lose. But the season isn’t over. Denver can get right back on track with a win in Los Angles in Week 14. But to do so, they’ll have to remember what got them here in the first place. Javonte Williams was a non-factor early in the season. He was working his way back from injury. The Broncos were awful. But his return to form, and an unwavering faith in the team, brought this club back from the brink. Williams needs to be a centerpiece moving forward. He needs to be used as the future superstar he already is. That’s how Denver advances. And the time to do it is now.

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