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Denver Broncos Overcome A Boneheaded Prediction In Week 12

Broncos Week 12

The Denver Broncos overcame a boneheaded prediction in Week 12. Shockingly, Las Vegas odds makers had the Broncos as only 1.5-point favorites vs the Cleveland Browns. Home teams are afforded 3 points just for playing at home. So, this means that at the neutral site, Denver would have been predicted to lose. This disrespect helped fire up Broncos Country. And it helped motivate a team that is the hottest in the league. Now, the Broncos are underestimated no more. They took the insult and ran with it, running away with the game in the process. Here’s how they used it and how they defeated it.

In Week 12, Denver Broncos Overcome A Boneheaded Prediction

1.5 Point Favorite?

The Broncos overcame ridiculous odds in Week 12. And that’s not because they were ridiculously hard. Instead, they were insanely close, 1.5 points only, which makes absolutely no sense. Denver is the hottest team in the league, winning four straight. Cleveland is forced to start their backup quarterback, Dorian Thompson-Robinson. And the Mile High Crowd is as fiery as any fan base in the league. Many experts predicted that the Broncos would beat the Browns. And yet, they were only a 1.5-point favorite? Make it make sense. The Denver Broncos overcame this silliness with ease.

17 Point Victory!

Not only did the Denver Broncos overcome the odds, but they beat the Cleveland Browns by 17 points. And really, it wasn’t that close. Denver forced three turnovers. They sacked a quarterback in the endzone for a safety. The offense scored, the defense stopped, and the special team hummed. Quarterback Russell Wilson played very well, taking only one sack and adding 36 rushing yards to the team’s total. This victory in Week 12 is absolute and sends a strong message. This team is for real, and they will outplay any boneheaded prediction. The Broncos overcame the odds, because this team has come to play.

Broncos Path After Week 12

The turnaround is the key story. Not only has Denver turned around a disaster of a season, but they have put themselves into playoff contention. After being disrespected with an awful prediction, this team has answered. And they have silenced the critics. But is it enough? Not quite. But almost. The season is far from over. However, Denver is playing its best football when it is needed most. Now on a five-game winning streak, the Broncos have proven that they are above the boneheaded disrespect and low-balling predictions.

And what’s next? Three away games against the Texans, the Chargers, and the Lions. And while these are very tough road games, the next three are rather easier. Two home games against the Patriots, the Chargers, and one away game against the Raiders. If the Broncos lose three and win three, their final season record will be 9-8. Could this record sneak Denver into the playoffs? Will teams begin now to take notice? And will experts start to take them seriously? The Denver Broncos overcome bad odds every week. And it doesn’t look like they’re stopping any time soon.

Main Photo: Ron Chenoy – USA Today Sports


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