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Beasts of the East: Three Cowboy Players Impress in Shutout Win

New York Giants Disaster

It was a historic night for the Dallas Cowboys, especially for the defense in a rainy week one shutout against the New York Giants. The offense was smooth and got looks throughout the game, but the defense delivered the night for fans worldwide. Beasts of the East is indeed the title they can run with as they pull off the largest shutout in franchise history. Last season, the Cowboys were almost able to replicate that same blowout against the Vikings. 

This season is different in terms of expectations for the Dallas Cowboys. The team came into the new year with a “Carpe Omnia” theme, which the defense has done a great job at doing. The Dallas Cowboys defense is carrying the torch for an unforgettable season thus far. NFL media and opposing fans had expectations of their own before the game started. 

Most NFL analysts and media anticipate every year that the Cowboys would lose in a heartbreaker. Many would argue that Daniel Jones and Darren Waller would deliver the goods, but that was fleeting. Defense overcame that adversity and delivered their own bombshell to keep the Giants on their toes all Sunday night. It’s almost every year that the Dallas Cowboys have to overcome the odds stacked against them. 

The Cowboys in their well-deserving victory overcome that once again as there are three players who stood out in the blowout win. It’s like three beasts coming together to create an army of apocalypse for arguably one of the best defenses in the league. 

Beasts of the East: Three Cowboy Players Impress in Shutout Win

Trevon Diggs 

The defensive secondary looked like a no-fly zone all night and well-deserving credits to Trevon Diggs’s efforts. Diggs was able to clamp the receivers, and just obliterate the entire offense to prevent Jones from driving down the ball. This includes the hit from Diggs on Barkley to help Daron Bland with a walk-off interception towards the endzone. Late in the fourth quarter, Diggs continued to dominate by ripping the ball away from Giants receiver, Isaiah Hodgens for a fumble recovery. 

Talk about an impressive game from the cornerback standout who just signed an extension with the Dallas Cowboys not too long ago. Diggs turned up all night taunting the Giants to not throw his way and the physicality of his performance lit up the field. Things are setting up nicely for the Cowboys’ defense sitting alongside Stephon Gilmore. The investment that the Cowboys made in Diggs is indeed paying off for the team. 

Juanyeh Thomas 

Thomas got the chance to see the field after Donovan Wilson still battling with a calf injury. Thomas filled in those shoes by playing a terrific game, deflecting a pass from Darren Waller. He is still playing like he’s still fighting for a roster spot, and he kept that same fight lining up against Waller all night preventing Waller from making any big plays. It’s no secret that his play of the night came after the game’s opening drive. 

Thomas timed the snap perfectly while the Giants attempted a field goal which led to a block that resulted in a Dallas Cowboys touchdown. Noah Ighinoghene was the man responsible, but all credit goes toward Thomas for ending the Giants’ opening drive in disaster. A fun debut night, which sets up what’s to come for a promising future for this franchise. 

Micah Parsons 

There are talks about the no-fly zone and the Cowboys’ defensive secondary, but the pass rush is just another element of this defense that’s just as terrifying. Micah Parsons is the big name out of the other standouts that kept Daniel Jones scrambling all night. Parsons finished the night by contributing at least one of the seven sacks. What a way to dismantle the Giants’ offense and absolutely keep them off balance all night. 

It’s not even the last of the impact that he had on the Dallas Cowboys defense. His performance, aggressiveness, and talent elevate those who surround him to put on a scary scene. Osa Odighizuwa and Dorance Armstrong reproduced the same greatness to not Jones any time in the pocket. 

Poor throwing mechanics, scrambling, and reading coverages incorrectly from the Giants were all thanks to the Dallas Cowboys’ unbridled defense. It’s like a sneak peek for what’s to come in week two as they will try to jet-lag Aaron Rodgers and the Jets coming up. The Beasts of the Easts is putting the league on notice, and Halloween came early this season as they will look to scare more offenses the rest of the year. 

Main Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports


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