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How the Patriots Should Handle the Jack Jones Gun Charges

New England Patriots cornerback Jack Jones is staring down a potential lengthy prison sentence, which leaves the team short in the secondary
Jack Jones Gun Charges

On Friday last week, New England Patriots cornerback Jack Jones was arrested at Boston’s Logan Airport in Terminal B. Two charges were filed against Jones: one charge for unlawful possession of a firearm and a second one for possession of a large-capacity feeding device. Both of these charges carry a minimum sentence of 18 months in the state of Massachusetts, but he could face up to 30 years in state prison, depending on how the Suffolk County District Attorney wants to try the case.

Although Jones is facing up to three decades, it is unlikely he will receive that sentencing, and even if he is, it is unlikely that he will serve consecutive sentences. Jones’ best-case scenario is for a plea deal with the Suffolk County D.A.

How the Patriots Should Deal With the Jack Jones Gun Charges

“Legal experts, such as Daniel S. Medwed, a law professor at Northeastern University, noted that cases like this present challenges for defense counsel. Medwed explained that defense attorneys would typically seek a plea bargain to resolve the case swiftly and secure a punishment that falls short of the maximum sentence. The government may offer a plea deal to conserve resources and minimize the risks of going to trial. Even in cases with strong evidence, the possibility of a holdout juror leading to a mistrial always exists.”

Jones’ Hearing

The Suffolk County District Attorney requested both the minimum 2.5 for the large capacity feeding device and 18 months for unlawful possession of a firearm be charged against Jack Jones. Jones subsequently was not issued a flight risk and was not ordered to turn over his passport after a brief sidebar from his attorney. His $30,000 cash bail was also upheld.

According to the Suffolk Count District Attorney’s statement, Jones carried a Glock 43X with a standard ten-round magazine and a Glock 19 with a double-stack 30-round magazine. Jones also had extra ammunition magazines for both guns in his USC bag.

Jones stood in court today looking onward at the courtroom with a sense of nervousness around the 25-year-old. This is not Jones’s first time in court; in 2018, he was arrested and charged with a Panda Express commercial burglary.

What Do The Patriots Do Now?

Now onto dealing with the Patriots themselves. The Patriots have not cut Jack Jones yet, but they are expected to do so at some point. According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, the Patriots are “livid” at the situation.

“And legally, we’ll start with the Patriots. I mean, the team is understandably and obviously livid over the situation. Putting himself in a position like this is at any time of year. Really like after breaking minicamp and all that stuff, it’s just… they’re livid.”

This is a tough blow for the Patriots on the field, as they lose one of their top cornerbacks from last season. The future looked bright for the Patriots moving forward with Jones and first-round pick Christian Gonzalez.

The New England Patriots will surely release Jones within the coming days or weeks. Based on speculation, why Jones requested not to surrender his passport may have something to do with his hope to remain on the Patriots. The team plays in Germany in November, and if Jones were to remain on the team, he would not be able to travel if he surrendered it. This situation comes just five days before the ten-year anniversary of Aaron Hernadez’s arrest for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Jones will remain out of jail if he does not violate the terms of his agreement with the court. The outcome of Jones’ fate will come over the next couple of months. His return date to court is August 18th at 9 am for a probable cause hearing.

Main Photo: Paul Rutherford – USA Today Sports


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