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Daniel Jones 2023 Fantasy Outlook

What is Daniel Jones's 2023 fantasy outlook? With year two under Coach Daboll and a new teammate, will Jones finish as a top-ten quarterback?
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This, season, Daniel Jones’ fantasy outlook in 2023 is being overlooked by many NFL fans. This is especially true of New York-based fans, mostly due to the arrival of that “Bad Man”, Aaron Rodgers. Jones prefers it that way. The quiet, yet confident, twenty-five-year-old is entering his fifth season with the New York Giants.

So far, Jones’ career has been disappointing, to say the least.  Jones has accumulated an eye-popping 57 turnovers over his NFL career so far. This includes 23 turnovers in his rookie year, in 2019. Since 2019, his turnovers have decreased each year:

  •  2020, 16 turnovers (6 fumbles and 10 interceptions)
  •  2021, 10 turnovers (3 fumbles and 7 interceptions)
  • 2022, 8 turnovers (3 fumbles and 5 interceptions)

There is a clear trend. This trend was a large part of why the Giants gave Daniel Jones a 4-year extension this offseason.

Daniel Jones Fantasy Outlook in 2023: Reasons for Optimism

Coaching Stability

It is possible that Jones’ issues with turnovers stem from the challenge of adapting to three different offensive coordinators since 2019.  In an effort to change, the Giants brought in Brian Daboll, who was formerly the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills.

Daboll’s impressive history of leading Buffalo’s offense to top-five finishes two seasons in a row, and turning Josh Allen into an NFL superstar, made him a sought-after coaching candidate. So far, Daboll has been an excellent head coach for the Giants.

Although there were initial concerns regarding Jones’ capacity for improvement, it is evident that he has made noteworthy strides with Daboll. The Giants signal-caller has gained a thorough understanding of Daboll’s playbook and concepts, as epitomised in the 2022 playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings.

‘Run Danny, Run’

Having a quarterback who can rush is a great asset for fantasy football. While Jones is not particularly fast on his feet, though he is making strides. At the end of the 2022 season, Jones had 120 rush attempts. That was almost twice as many attempts as he had in 2021. Under Daboll’s leadership, there is no indication that the numbers will decrease. This is excellent news for Jones and his fantasy owners, even from purely a volume perspective.

Daniel Jones’ New Weapon Aids Fantasy Outlook in 2023

Darren Waller was traded to the Giants in March. Waller will undoubtedly provide much-needed support for Jones and Saquon Barkley, the Pro Bowl running back. In Waller’s résumé is an impressive 1,100-yard season. The new tight end offers a valuable blend of speed and elusiveness to assist Jones in navigating opposing defenses. The health of Waller is of utmost importance given that he has missed several games in the past two seasons due to injuries. Nonetheless, if Waller remains in good health, this could greatly benefit Jones’ fantasy production.

Daniel Jones Is Putting Everything Together

Although Jones is not commonly regarded as one of the leading fantasy quarterbacks, he has minimized his turnovers and enhanced his running skills. Thanks to coach Daboll’s guidance, and the backing of two offensive superstars, there is a strong likelihood that his perception in fantasy football will shift. Jones could quietly  become a top-ten, or even top-five, fantasy quarterback.

Given Jones’ current ADP (average draft position), drafting the Giants quarterback would be a smart choice as he offers great value.

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