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Potential Outcomes for the 2022 New York Jets Quarterbacks

Jets Quarterbacks

Entering the 2023 NFL off-season, the quarterback position remains the largest question mark on the New York Jets roster. After injuries and poor performance led to multiple changes at starting quarterback, the Jets are in dire need of settling the position. After all, some consistency may have led Gang Green to the playoffs in 2022. That being said, let’s project the potential outcomes for the quarterbacks who were on the New York Jets roster in 2022.

Potential Outcomes for the 2022 New York Jets Quarterbacks

Zach Wilson

Current Status: Under contract through 2024 (plus a fifth-year option for 2025)

Whether a Zach Wilson supporter or doubter, the reality is he cannot be the starter, let alone handed the backup job entering 2023. To put it simply – Wilson has only thrown for over 200 yards passing nine of his 22 career games while having half his games without a passing touchdown. By his last start of the season in Week 16, fans were fully prepared to write him off as a bust.

Nonetheless, Wilson will be on the team in 2023 barring a trade. It makes little sense to cut ties with the former second-overall pick after just two seasons. Financially, General Manager Joe Douglas would not want to take on over $20 million in dead cap. In terms of the team’s philosophy, it is unlikely Robert Saleh, who is a believer in multi-year development, would want to give up on Wilson. The only way they release Wilson is if the rumors about his locker room presence are true and it is best for both sides to cut ties.

That being said, should the Jets find a trade partner, Wilson might get dealt. Douglas can receive capital while moving on from his failed draft selection, and Saleh can ensure the locker room is stable. At that point, the question becomes will a team be willing to offer a third-round pick, or even a fourth and some more for the BYU product? Which, the most likely outcome for Zach Wilson is he is competing for the backup job in training camp this summer.

Projection: On roster for training camp

Mike White

Current Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

For starters – Mike White has already cemented his legacy in Jets folklore. Multiple single-game passing franchise records and some of the best quarterback play the Jets have seen in forever. Unfortunately, injuries cut his rise to stardom short, as durability should be a genuine concern. However, between averaging 298 passing yards per game and entering his age 28 season, White is going to want a significant raise.

The quarterback carousel around the league is going to be unpredictable this off-season. For the Jets, keeping White around whether as a backup or competing for the starting job would be ideal. The same could be said for White, who has been with the Jets since 2019 and is interested in sticking around. Yet, Douglas needs the money to spend to upgrade areas of the roster and may not want to overpay for a backup on top of the high cap hit on Wilson’s contract.

In free agency, White will command at minimum good backup quarterback money. To re-sign White, on a one-year deal, will likely take about $8 million. For the Jets, it comes down to whether or not they land one of the top fish in the free agent sea. Players such as Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers (via trade), or Tom Brady maybe available. Even so, should Derek Carr or Jimmy Garoppolo come at a high price, it is hard to imagine White, returning if a cheaper veteran backup is available.

Projection: Signed Elsewhere (unless Jets do not land a top-tier free agent quarterback, in which case re-signed to compete for starting the job)

Joe Flacco

Current Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

In Week 2, 37-year-old Joe Flacco beat the Cleveland Browns with four touchdown passes and 307 yards passing. Outside of that performance, his age began to show. Flacco was incapable of extending plays when pass protection failed and posted a 68.6 on-target percentage, his lowest over the last five years.

With a quarterback room shakeup coming this off-season, it is hard to imagine the former Super Bowl champion returning in 2023. Either Flacco will latch on as a veteran teacher entering training camp for a team, or this is the last the NFL has seen of Joe Flacco.

Projection: Signed Elsewhere or Retires

Chris Streveler

Current Status: Under contract through 2024

Aside from Zach Wilson, Chris Streveler is the only other quarterback under contract for 2023. The 2022 pre-season superstar finished his limited game time with 10 completions on 15 attempts for 90 yards, with nine carries for 54 yards. Over two games, he provided different packages and a mobile spark to the offense. Streveler will compete to make the roster, but it is hard envisioning Streveler being higher than quarterback number three in 2023.

Projection: On roster for training camp

Final Projections for Outcomes of 2022 Jets Quarterbacks

All in all, nobody is guaranteed to be on the Week 1 Jets roster for 2023. Zach Wilson is the most likely because of his raw talent and cap hit, while Streveler has a chance as well. But neither will be the starter, let alone outright backup. Mike White might return, barring what happens with the Jets desire to land a top-tier gunslinger. Lastly, Joe Flacco’s time in Gotham Green appears to have come to an end.

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