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Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman Interested in Stanford

Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman Interested in Stanford: Roman has drawn interest from Stanford for its vacant head coaching job.
Ravens OC Greg Roman coaches up Lamar Jackson.

It was recently revealed that Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator, Greg Roman, has drawn serious interest from Stanford for its vacant head coaching job. Roman is considered to be one of the top candidates for the role. According to Ian Rapoport’s source, the interest is mutual and Roman is seriously considering the move.

Baltimore Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman Interested in Stanford

Stanford’s interest comes after David Shaw stepped down from the top job after 12 years. Roman’s appointment at Stanford would be a homecoming. He was assistant head coach to Jim Harbaugh at Stanford in 2009.

Despite the rumors beginning to swirl, Roman asserted that his “singular focus” was on the team. Head coach John Harbaugh is aware of the talks but has said that the contact is still “very preliminary”. More developments regarding Roman’s future could come in the week following the game.

Roman was appointed as Ravens offensive coordinator in 2019 when Baltimore underwent a restructuring of its offense. The offense was a huge success and resulted in Lamar Jackson being named the 2019 NFL MVP.

The 50-year-old has a good track record of developing quarterbacks. Before his excellent work with Jackson, he had a hand in the development of Andrew Luck, Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, and Tyrod Taylor.

Roman’s offensive scheme is also very appealing to Stanford. His unique offense utilizes athletic quarterbacks effectively. It has been an influence on many college playbooks in the last few years.

Roman’s Offense in 2022

The Ravens currently sit at 8-4 after a tight win over the Denver Broncos. They lead the AFC North and have a comfortable path to the playoffs. However, Roman’s play-calling has come under significant criticism lately. His offense’s inability to close out games has been a cause for concern.

Indeed, Roman’s offense’s inability to hold onto leads in the fourth quarter has been the team’s biggest flaw this season. All four of Baltimore’s losses have come from blown fourth-quarter leads.

Many fans are disgruntled with Roman’s play calling despite the Ravens being on course for the playoffs. The general sentiment is that Roman has failed to unlock the full potential of the offense this season.

That is not the only reason Roman is under fire though. It seems that the offense has started to fall apart after the bye week. They seem to lack rhythm and are slow at starting games. One particular issue concerned Baltimore’s lateness in getting to the line of scrimmage. It means that pre-snap huddles, audibles, and reads are all rushed. Roman was forced to address the issue earlier this week, saying that it was a plan to use up more clock. Either way, it seems that the recent dysfunctional Ravens offense has been a source of anxiety for supporters.

Roman found a lot of success with Jackson in 2019, but it seems that he cannot ride off that success forever. Baltimore could do a lot worse than Roman and keep consistency around Jackson. However, the sense is that many Ravens fans would be happy to see the back of him.

Potential for a New Era in Baltimore?

If Greg Roman does end up leaving the Ravens, it could give Baltimore the chance to re-invent its offensive playbook. Unlike the ‘modern’ NFL offense, the Ravens opt for a run-heavy, smashmouth scheme.

While the scheme is unique and has seen a lot of success in the past few years, the Ravens could look to improve the passing element. Many commentators have noted that the Ravens have a very simple passing offense. The passing plays themselves lack creativity, and they are also low in volume. The lack of passing opportunities has frustrated many Ravens receivers. Marquise Brown’s trade to the Arizona Cardinals was allegedly down to the receiver being disgruntled at his lack of opportunities.

Should Roman leave the Ravens, it will be interesting to see who Harbaugh and GM Eric DeCosta decide to appoint. An in-house promotion seems likeliest, given how the franchise is run. But an external appointment could bring a breath of fresh air.

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