Buffalo Bills: Should GM Brandon Beane sign Odell Beckham Jr.?

Is OBJ a future Buffalo Bill?

It’s hard to believe that the NFL season is reaching the halfway point this year. With each week that goes by, it means that we are a week closer to finding out where free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will land. Coming off a torn ACL injury in Super Bowl LVI, the highly recognized free agent is in the process of getting medically cleared. There should be no doubt that Beckham will sign with a team that is contending for a Super Bowl title, but there are just two questions: where will he choose, and will the team choose him as well?

Should the Buffalo Bills Sign Odell Beckham, Jr.?

Beckham proved his worth with the Rams last season when he heavily contributed to the team’s path to a title against the Cincinnati Bengals before going down with a knee injury in the Super Bowl. There is no doubt that Beckham would immediately upgrade a wide receiving core on a team that decides to sign him. 

Over the last couple of months, teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills have been destinations that Beckham has been linked to (recently, Minnesota has been on the Beckham radar). All four teams have super bowl aspirations this year, but the Chiefs and Bills are playing the best football of the bunch. With the Bills cruising to a 5-1 record with notable wins over the Rams (Beckham’s former team) and the Chiefs, it would make sense for Beckham to come to Western New York. Now, would Bills’ General Manager Brandon Beane make that type of addition for the team?

Pros of Signing OBJ

Extra Weapon for Josh Allen

Imagine Josh Allen dropping back in the pocket and looking downfield to see Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis, and Beckham. The Bills passing game is already a top unit in the league, where Diggs and Davis have established themselves as a top duo in the league. Having Beckham’s presence on the field opens up the field more than it already is, which allows Allen to have some extra fun against a defense. 

Reunion with Von Miller

Von Miller has been heavily recruiting Beckham to come and join the Bills and has even stated that Beckham is coming to Buffalo, not once but twice. Beckham and Miller were teammates on the Super Bowl Rams team last February and seem to have a great connection. If Beckham were to come to Buffalo, he would personally know one person before building relationships with other teammates.

Doesn’t Join the Enemy

Signing Beckham would not only be a great addition for the Bills, but the added bonus is that he would not be signing with a team like the Chiefs, who have knocked the Bills out of the playoffs the last two years. With the new coming rivalry of Allen vs Mahomes, the Bills would put themselves at more of an advantage against the Chiefs with Beckham on their side. 

Super Bowl Favorites

The Bills have been the team that is predicted to raise the Lombardi trophy next February. Beckham already has one ring, why not go for two? Especially with a team that arguably has the best overall roster in the league, Beckham would only make te Bills better than they are. 

Cons of Bringing Him in

Small Market Team

It has been shared that Beckham wants to be in a big city that has a big market. While the Bills are a powerhouse team, will Beckham be willing to play on a small market team that does not have warm weather year-round?


Beckham has torn his ACL not once but twice in his career. Even though an ACL injury is a quicker healing process than it was before, the human body can only take so much damage. Along with the two torn ACLs, Beckham has also sustained injuries to his hip, shoulder, and hamstring area throughout his career. Will Beckham’s body be able to handle the cold weather and can he stay healthy overall?

It is rare to see Beane mess up a free agent signing or draft pick, so if he does or does not decide to pursue and sign Beckham, there is clearly a reason as to why. The Buffalo Bills offense is already a top unit in the league, now it is time to decide if signing Beckham is the right move to make a run at their first super bowl ring. 

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