Seattle Seahawks Minicamp: Top Five Rookie Performances

Seattle Seahawks Minicamp

This off-season has been tough for the Seattle Seahawks as they are looking to quickly rebuild themselves into a playoff contender, and that process begins in minicamp. While they were active in free agency, they needed to secure a great 2022 NFL Draft class at many positions. For the past several years, the NFL Draft has been the most underwhelming performance of Seahawks general manager John Schneider.

The Seahawks needed to nail this 2022 NFL Draft class to get a jumpstart in their potential rebuilding process. They secured many draft needs and acquired great players. The next biggest objective for these young players is to develop them efficiently through the remainder of the offseason. After the solid week of mandatory minicamp, the Seahawks have seen some great things from their rookies to some issues they need to address. Here are the top Seattle Seahawks rookie performances coming out of the minicamp.

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Top 5 Rookie Performances From Seattle Seahawks Minicamp

Charles Cross – Offensive Tackle

Cross was the biggest rookie to watch out for going into the Seahawks’ minicamp this past week. The Seahawks drafted Cross as the leading anchor of the offensive line as their blindside blocker and star run-blocker. It has been one week, but Cross has played as one of the most consistent playmakers.

Despite playing in a pass-heavy offense at Mississippi State, Cross looks comfortable playing in a run-first offense of the Seahawks. First-year offensive line coach Andy Dickerson has been complementary of the immediate impact of the Seahawks’ first offense. Cross will look to develop more throughout the off-season, but he is already looking to make a solid transition to the pro-level and Seattle’s completely different offense.

Abraham Lucas – Offensive Tackle

The Seahawks made a serious commitment to fix their offensive line after allowing 46 sacks last season. Despite getting their future left tackle in the first round, the Seahawks continued to improve their tackles. In the third round, the Seahawks locked on their future right tackle.

At first, the Seahawks believed the former local tackle would work his way into the starting lineup in the future. Coach Dickerson and offensive coordinator Shane Waldron have been highly impressed with the advancement of Lucas as he has been playing well at the first-string right tackle. The Seahawks have been giving him and Stone Forsythe an equal opportunity to start at the right tackle. While Lucas is also coming from a similar pass-happy offense at Washington State, like Cross, he has shown to play consistently through minicamp.

Boye Mafe – Edge Rusher

Seattle needed to address as many concerns on the defensive side of the ball, especially with pass rushers. Boye Mafe was the best available pass rusher the Seahawks could get within the second round. Mafe has been the biggest buzz coming out of the rookie minicamp and minicamp. He has been a player that has killed individual drills and workouts on the field.

Head coach Pete Carroll has openly compared Mafe to former defensive end Cliff Avril as a playmaker and a future star. The Seahawks expect to use Mafe as their top pass rusher, along with Darrell Taylor in the future. He could find himself as the starting outside linebacker in their new 3-4 defensive front.

Coby Bryant – Cornerback

Finding a reliable pass rusher has been the biggest concern for the Seahawks this off-season. Despite trading for a reliable cornerback in Sidney Jones from the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Seahawks needed more consistent man-coverage corners.

Bryant was the first of two cornerbacks selected in the fourth round by Seattle. He has been a cornerback that has continued to play consistent coverages even into the NFL. Bryant’s performance through rookie minicamp and mandatory minicamp has been among the most consistent players among the Seahawks’ rookie defensive backs.

Bryant has often been undervalued as scouts focused on his fellow Bearcats’ starting cornerback in Ahmd Gardner. The Seahawks are noticing his stellar play this early into the summer workouts and practices as he is working with Jones often in drills.

Tariq Woolen – Cornerback

The Seahawks continued to upgrade their man-coverage defensive backs in that same fourth round. There would be some significant growing pains with Woolen coming from a group-of-five conference school into the NFL.

Woolen played great at the collegiate level against mostly lesser receivers. The Seahawks picked Woolen as an investment for a potential future first-string cornerback. Seattle picked Woolen high due to his great combination of size at 6-4; 205 pounds and tremendous athleticism.

Reports from minicamp have shown that Woolen is translating his tremendous athleticism to the field for the Seahawks. His speed and coverage skills have been a pleasant surprise to the defense of the Seahawks as he could play meaningful snaps in the upcoming season.