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Mike McDaniel Promises Miami Dolphins Will Bond Together

Dolphins Will Bond: McDaniel talked about Dolphins football after stating appreciations to former coaches and his family.
Dolphins Will Bond

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel gave his first press conference on Thursday. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and general manager Chris Grier introduced him. McDaniel talked about Dolphins football after stating appreciations to former coaches and his family. He said, “You’re going to see a unique design of everything that is tailored to our players…that’s first and foremost.” He also added how the Miami Dolphins will bond together. In doing so, he said it will create a brand of Miami football. “The picture I would like to present and what I’m here to do…is create a brand of football here that is known as Miami football. You should be able to turn on the TV and know who the team is, by the energy that they play with, by how they bond together, things you only get with true work and bond together. It’s a team sport, we’re going to play as a team, and I promise you that we’ll feel that.”

Miami Dolphins Will Bond Together ~ McDaniel Opening Press Conference

McDaniel’s promise of unity is a major shift from the Brian Flores era. Reports of locker room division were ongoing during Flores’ tenure. After Flores was fired, Ross said during a press conference, an organization only functions when it works well together.

McDaniel said that winning is a common goal among people of different interests. He described that goal as a driving factor for games, playoffs, and a Super Bowl. But he said, “It’s the bond and everything we go through in that process that makes it worth doing what we do.”

After his introductory speech, McDaniel took questions from the media.  NFL Network‘s Cam Wolfe asked how he felt about Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. McDaniel quickly changed direction of the question away from one player by saying that the message should be about the team. “I’m not concerned with how good Tua can be. I’m concerned with as a collected unit, what we can grow together. Because that’s what wins football games. I haven’t seen a quarterback win a football game by himself, ever. He has to have somebody to throw to. He better not be getting tackled before he throws. So, somebody better block. And the defense better not allow them to score.”

When asked about calling plays, McDaniel said he would call plays himself. But he added that,“Successful play callers don’t isolate themselves. They utilize people around them. That is what a head coach should do.”

According to McDaniel, he wants unity on the team because that is what wins games. And for that to happen, McDaniel believes the players need to bond together.

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