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Super Bowl LVI Prop Bets and Predictions

Prop bets and predictions for Super Bowl LVI. Here are some prop bets on which to wager for the big game on February 13, 2022.

After the first 18-week NFL regular season in history and some of the best playoff games ever, the matchup for Super Bowl LVI has now been set. On February 13, 2022 at 6:30 PM ET, the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will square off at SoFi Stadium to see who wins the Lombardi Trophy. While some wagering will of course take place on the outcome of the game itself, here are some Super Bowl LVI prop bets and predictions.

Prop Bets and Predictions for Super Bowl LVI

Coin Toss: Heads: +100, Tails: +100

Obviously, the odds of getting this correct are 50/50. But in the history of pregame Super Bowl coin flips, heads has come up 26 times (47%) and tails has come up 29 times (53%). The longest streak for heads is five straight (happened once) while tails has come up four straight times on three separate occasions. Three of the last four Super Bowl pregame coin flips were heads. But prior to that was one of the streaks of four straight tails, which was preceded by the five heads results in a row.

If betting on a 50/50 proposition seems fun or intriguing, go with tails this year.

Joe Burrow Passing Yards: Over/Under 260.5 Yards

In the Bengals three playoff games this year, Joe Burrow has thrown for 244, 348 and 250 yards, for an average of 280.7 yards per game. But the 348 yards against the Tennessee Titans skews that average. In two of those games, Burrow failed to exceed 250 yards. And Super Bowls generally see offenses get off to slow starts. While Burrow will have a good game and make timely and big throws bet the under here.

Matthew Stafford Passing Yards: Over/Under 280.5 Yards

In the Rams three playoff games this year, Matthew Stafford has thrown for 202, 366 and 337 yards, for an average of 301.7 yards per game. Stafford has easily surpassed the 280.5 total in two of those three games. But again, offenses do tend to start slowly in Super Bowls, so only bet the over at the right odds.

Cooper Kupp Scores a Touchdown: -154

Cooper Kupp had 16 touchdown receptions in 2021 and was probably the best receiver in the NFL this season. In three playoff games this year he has four touchdown catches. Stafford will be looking for Kupp throughout the game and it is highly likely the talented receiver finds the endzone at least once. If the Rams win, he could be the MVP.

Ja’Marr Chase Scores a Touchdown: -105

Ja’Marr Chase scoring a touchdown might not seem as automatic as Kupp, given how prolific Kupp was this season. But Chase was sensational in his rookie year and he put up 13 receiving touchdowns of his own (but only one in the Bengals three postseason games this year). Burrow will want to get the ball to Chase and he probably finds him in the endzone once.

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How May Songs Will Be Performed?

 Over 7.5: -140

Under 7.5: -110

If a “song” counts as at least any part of a song being performed, go with over 7.5. There are five artists performing this year and they are all heavy hitters, each with a number of hits. The artists will most likely try to fit in as many of their hits as possible and that will cause the total number of different songs that are performed to exceed 7.5.

First Eminem Song Performed

Lose Yourself: +300

My Name Is: +300

The Real Slim Shady: +325

Without Me: +375

Stan: +625

Any of these are legitimate contenders to be the first Eminem song performed, except for Stan. Stan is a great song, but it would be a weird choice for the first Eminem song. There is a reason it has the longest oddest odds on this list. While it is possible Eminem goes a little off the books and chooses his first song to be one not on this list, Lose Yourself, My Name Is, The Real Slim Shady, or Without Me are all safer bets than Stan. Those songs are generally towards the end of Eminem’s set when he performs live, with Lose Yourself, his most well-known song, as the encore. While Lose Yourself would be a great song to start the halftime show, or at least be Eminem’s first song, this could easily close out the halftime show.

If Eminem kicks off the show, him opening with Without Me or My Name Is probably makes the most sense. Though, the song that should, and just might kick off the halftime festivities is The Next Episode by Dr. Dre, featuring Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Nate Dogg. It has an extremely recognizable musical opening for them to enter to and gets two of the performers (Dre and Snoop) on stage right away and Eminem could easily join them, along with Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige if they so choose. But for anyone so inclined to bet on the first Eminem song to be performed, go with My Name Is or Without Me.

Who Will Perform First at Halftime?

Mary J. Blige: +170

Kendrick Lamar: +255

Snoop Dogg: +355

Dr. Dre: +505

Eminem: +595

If the prediction of The Next Episode being the first song performed is correct that would mean Snoop would be the first to perform since he has the first verse. Bet on Snoop Dogg to be the first to perform. Though, it would not be a surprise, given that the game is being played in California for the show to kick off with Dre’s verse in 2Pac’s California Love.

Tune into the game on February 13 to see which of these predictions are correct.

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