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Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Vikings are Best Fit for Jim Harbaugh

The Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings are two teams that are in the hunt for Jim Harbaugh as their next head coach.
Jim Harbaugh Miami Minnesota

The NFL coaching carousel is in full effect, with four of the nine teams already deciding for their head coach in the 2022 NFL Season. Several major candidates are still out there waiting to get the call for the head coaching job offer. Among one of the high-caliber candidates is Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh. The Chicago Bears have been interested in the former San Francisco 49ers head coach. However, the Miami Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings are two teams that have engaged his interests the most. There are several reasons why the Miami Dolphins are one coach away from the NFL playoffs next season. On the other hand, Minnesota could be a surprise and dangerous team for the NFC North Divisional title next season under Harbaugh. Here are why Miami and Minnesota could be best for Jim Harbaugh as its next head coach.

Why Jim Harbaugh’s Best fit for an NFL return is for the Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Vikings

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins accumulated an overall record of 19-14 under head coach Brian Flores. Yet, the Dolphins felt that Flores could not take control of the team properly as the team fell apart due to in-and-out dealing involving quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa and Deshaun Watson. They will need a coach that takes control of the team and the emotions/egos of the players. Harbaugh has been a team-coach able to control his teams while he was the head coach of the 49ers. He has been a coach that has led and developed high-caliber talent that has turned into Pro Bowl selections. The Dolphins already have many talented players on both sides of the field. Some players have Pro Bowl-caliber potential.

Tagovailoa is a quarterback that can be a long-time franchise quarterback but has underperformed in his first two seasons. Most of it is the lack of support from the offensive line and playcalling. Under Harbaugh, Tagovailoa can become a consistent playmaker throughout the field game-to-game. Harbaugh has developed consistent quarterbacks from average to below-average passing traits. Tagovailoa is a better upgrade than Cade McNamara as an athlete, passer, and decision-maker. Tagovailoa will benefit if Harbaugh brings his offensive coordinator from Michigan in Josh Gattis, who was Taogvailoa’s offensive coordinator at Alabama in 2018. Harbaugh would turn Miami into an instant playoff contender as the team has talent and has made progress.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings scheduled an interview with Harbaugh as he could be the big step for the Vikings to win the NFC North Divisional title for the first time since the 2017 NFL Season. Minnesota needs a head coach who will make bigger decisions than a first-time head coach would normally be given. With Harbaugh as head coach, he may look to bring in his quarterback either through NFL free agency or the 2022 NFL Draft. Kirk Cousins is set to make $45 million next season, the third-highest in the NFL next season. This is money that could be shared to help improve the secondary or the offensive line.

If Harbaugh becomes the head coach of the Vikings, they will have the most solidity in the NFC North. The Chicago Bears are rebuilding under a new head coach and a second-year quarterback. The Detroit Lions are still years away from competing for an NFC North title. Finally, the Green Bay Packers have lost their offensive coordinator and their passing game coordinator. They could also lose their franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers. If Rodgers leaves the Packers, the Vikings will have the most stability and talent on their roster. They are likely to become favorites for the NFC North Division with Harbaugh leading the team.

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