2021 Miami Dolphins Bold Predictions

With the NFL Preseason right around the corner, it is time to dive into some bold predictions for the 2021 Miami Dolphins. With expectations high in Miami, now is the time for the team to make a playoff push. Even with the Dolphins being playoff favorites this year, anything can happen in this league.. With that said, it is time to dive into the bold predictions for the Dolphins.

2021 Miami Dolphins Bold Predictions

Trade Xavien Howard

As of a few days ago, it was made known to the media that Xavien Howard is not happy with his current contract. Howard signed a contract extension in 2019 that made him the highest-paid cornerback. Since then, several other cornerbacks have passed him up in annual pay. Jalen Ramsey makes an average of $20 mil per season. Even his own teammate whom Howard is better than, Byron Jones, is ahead of him in annual pay. The blame has to fall on Howard himself though.

If we are being honest, Howard signed a terrible contract extension in 2019. He seemed so caught up in acquiring the status of “highest-paid cornerback”, that the details of the rest of the contract seemed to evade him. Since the Dolphins rightfully seem to have no interest in renegotiating, a trade is the only viable solution. A trade may be difficult though. Any team attempting to trade for him would have to give up assets to the Dolphins and negotiate a new contract for Howard. Due to the last-minute nature of this news, a trade may not be likely until closer to the trade deadline. Regardless, Howard’s days in Miami are officially numbered.

Tua Tagovailoa Confirms “Bust” Status

The struggles of Tua Tagovailoa were a hot topic in the NFL last season. As the modern game because more pass-orientated, young quarterbacks are given less and less time to develop. The amount of snaps quarterbacks have taken by the time they get to the NFL is drastically different. Couple that with the recent success of rookie quarterbacks, and you got yourself NFL teams that are less patient than ever. To make matters worse, Tagovailoa is not exactly a physical specimen either. He has below average height and arm strength for the position. Tagovailoa also lacks the speed to by a dynamic threat in the run game.

There will be no “closer” for Tagovailoa this season. Ryan Fitzpatrick will no longer be able to bail him out at the end of games. Will Fuller is suspended to start the season, and Devante Parker is already hurt, per usual. The Dolphins did draft Jaylen Waddle in the first round, but he is still an unproven commodity. As early as many claim it to be, everything seemingly has to go right for Tagovailoa to be successful. The Dolphins are not the Alabama Crimson Tide though. Miami will never have a team whose talent compares to that of Alabama in college. If Tagovailoa struggles again this year, then the talks for a Deshaun Watson trade will only get louder. A bad season for Tagovailoa means no playoffs for the Dolphins.

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