Panthers’ DJ Moore Opts For Single-Digit Number, Continues The Trend

DJ Moore

During this portion of the NFL’s offseason, players are beginning to head into facilities and prepare for training camp. And, with all of this going on, Carolina Panthers wide receiver DJ Moore made a career-altering announcement. And, while it won’t affect his actual play on the field, the move will switch up his game-day attire. Late Friday, Moore announced he’d be switching to the number two jersey for the 2021-2022 season. Moore made the decision after teasing the possibility of a number switch for weeks. This move comes after the NFL recently opted to allow certain position groups to begin sporting single-digit numbers.

DJ Moore Continues Single-Digit Number Trend

Moments after announcing their decision to expand the amount of players available to sport a single-digit number, many NFL players expressed their desire to make the switch. Among those who spoke out at the time were All-Pro running backs Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook. However, the excitement would begin to quell when the NFL’s second part of the memo to players and teams was released.

The memo stated that any player choosing to switch to a single-digit number would need to buy up the inventory of jerseys sporting their old number. The extreme amount of funds needed to make the move would be massive for big-name players, turning many away to the idea of a switch. However, this reportedly didn’t bother Moore. Moore made the announcement via a Twitter post from his personal account. In the post, a cartoon version of Moore is featured with his new number two jersey front and center.

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In 2020, Moore had a career year for the Panthers, eclipsing the 1,000 yard mark on the season. Moore turned some heads with his impressive season. He finished with four touchdowns on sixty-six receptions in 15 games for the Panthers. The electric receiving duo of DJ Moore and Robby Anderson shined under Joe Brady’s leadership. With that being said, the Panthers will be looking for the pass catcher to take the next step in 2021. If he can keep improving from season to season, there’s no reason Moore can’t become one of the top pass-catchers in the game.

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