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Fantasy Football Stream Team Season Recap: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Logan Thomas, and More

Fantasy Football Stream Team Season Recap; Ryan Fitzpatrick, Logan Thomas, and more take home the season recap honors.
Stream Team Season Recap

Just like that, before we knew it, the fantasy football season was over. Each week, this column will analyze a player at each position rostered in 50 percent of Yahoo leagues or less. This group of players is basically a dream stream team. For reference, the threshold used for wins and losses in this article will be if the quarterbacks can score 15 plus points and if the rest can score 10 plus PPR points. Here is the fantasy football stream team season recap.

Fantasy Football Stream Team Season Recap: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Logan Thomas, and More

Week 16 Recap


Running Back

  • Lynn Bowden Jr. (MIA) @ LV – 3.60 points – L
  • Malcolm Brown (LAR) @ SEA – 4.50 points – L
  • Ito Smith (ATL) @ KC – 6.10 points – L
  • Totals – Week: 0-3 / Year: 18-28-2

Wide Receiver

Tight End

  • Tyler Higbee (LAR) @ SEA – 6.40 points – L
  • Jordan Akins (HOU) v CIN – 7.90 points – L
  • Dalton Schultz (DAL) v PHI – 5.10 points – L
  • Totals – Week: 0-3 / Year: 13-33-2
  • Grand Totals – Week: 4-8 / Year: 78-109-5

Fantasy Football Stream Team Season Recap

Quarterback – 27-20-1

The quarterback position checked in as the most accurate position group of the season. This is not a surprise at all considering the theory has always been that quarterback is the most replaceable position and easiest to stream. It was the only position to hit the value threshold more often than not. All in all, 16 different quarterbacks made an appearance in this column with 11 of them making multiple appearances.

The king of this position in 2020 was Ryan Fitzpatrick. He made four appearances and hit value all four times. The only other quarterback to make four successful appearances was Gardner Minshew, but he also had a fifth appearance that did not hit value. Speaking of five appearances, Teddy Bridgewater, Mitchell Trubisky, Kirk Cousins and the aforementioned Minshew tied for the most appearances. At the other end of the spectrum, Daniel Jones takes the cake for worst of the year. Jones made three appearances and was a bust all three times.

Running Back – 18-28-2

Checking in at third place in terms of accuracy rate is the running back position. This is another that is not a surprise considering how hard it is to stream running backs. This position also had the most turnover as well. It makes sense because the running back position generally has the most injuries and when an injury does occur, it’s generally one player that comes into big value and is the big waiver wire add. There were 33 different players that made an appearance in this column but only 11 made multiple appearances.

Salvon Ahmed was the king of the running back position in this column in 2020. He only made two appearances but hit value both times. J.D. McKissic also hit value two times, but he also made a third appearance in which he busted. Joshua Kelley joined McKissic as the only two running backs to make three appearances this year. Unfortunately, Kelley busted twice and hit value only once. There were five running backs that shared the dubious honor of being at the bottom. Frank Gore, Brian Hill, La’Mical Perine, Jordan Wilkins, and Gus Edwards all made two appearances and busted each time. It’s only fitting that there were two New York Jets that shared this “honor.”

Wide Receiver – 20-28

Coming in at a distant second place in accuracy is the wide receiver position. It’s been theorized that the wide receiver position has much more variance and is generally easier to stream than the running back position. While there is nothing definitive from these results, it does seem to be slightly easier and can be had for cheaper on the waiver wire more often than not. There were 27 different players that made an appearance in this column this season with 15 of them making multiple appearances.

There was a clear-cut king when it came to the wide receiver position in this column in 2020 and his name was Sterling Shepard. He was recommended four times and hit value all four times. The only other player to make four appearances was Keke Coutee and he busted once. Tim Patrick and Jakobi Meyers join Shepard and Coutee as the only wide receivers to return value more than once. At the other end of the spectrum is Shepard’s teammate, Golden Tate. Tate and Jalen Reagor share the title of “worst wide receiver recommendations of the year” as both made three appearances and busted all three times.

Tight End – 13-33-2

Bringing up the rear in terms of accuracy is the tight end position. It wasn’t even close and goes to show just how brutal the position was all season. The tight end position was the only position that had players make at least six appearances and there were three of them that did so. All in all, there were 18 different tight ends that made an appearance but only eight of them made multiple appearances.

The king of this position and frankly this article overall was Logan Thomas. Thomas held it down for the tight ends as his nine appearances and five wins were both the most for any tight end and for any player at any position. Part of that came because it took so long for people to buy into Thomas and another because of his inconsistency. Joining Thomas was Dalton Schultz with seven appearances and Trey Burton with six appearances. On the opposite end was Jordan Akins. Akins made three appearances and busted all three times. Schultz took the crown for most times as a bust with five.

Looking Forward to 2021

There’s plenty of time until the 2021 fantasy football season but it’s never too early to look towards next year. There are certainly some tweaks to the format that will be made. The first change is that the recommendations will be made BEFORE waivers run. This will give a wider player pool and give people a better idea of the players that they should put claims in for. The next change will be that each position’s “win” threshold will be based on weekly finish relative to its own position rather than an arbitrary point threshold. This helps in that some weeks a 10 point start at running back could be helpful while other weeks it wouldn’t. These changes should help give a better idea of which players were worthy of an add and a start.

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