“Frank Gore is Old as Dirt!” – Last Word on Football Season 2 Episode 15

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Welcome to another episode of Last Word on Football. As the fantasy football season comes to a close, hosts Seth Aplin and Ryan Hawks, along with producer Daniel Acevedo recap their seasons. But mainly, Ryan bemoans his losses. The crew also talks about non-football things like baseball trades and murder rates. But back to football. The Last Worders also talk mention Frank Gore being old, and Dwayne Haskins being immature.

Last Word on Football Season 2 Episode 15 – “Frank Gore is Old as Dirt!”

0:00 – Intro and jumping right into an episode full of slander

1:50 – “Should we call them the Las Vegas Chargers?”

2:40 – Ryan listened real close to the nerdy analytics guy during halftime of Sunday Night Football

4:20 – Light up – the hot takes: Seth claims the Chiefs get bounced in their first playoff game’

6:15 – Ryan notices the nasty river in Pittsburgh

8:15 – BREAKING: Yu Darvish traded to the San Diego Padres. Also, Ryan notes that the only season he watched baseball, the Padres made the World Series

13:18 – NFL teams that need to play week 17

15:00 – Sports betting continues, along with Investments!

16:00 – Ryan recaps his awful fantasy season and then starts slandering himself

20:00 – The Green Bay Packers somehow kept Derrick Henry in check

22:30 – Last Word on Beards

23:05 – Early Super Bowl predictions, featuring the Buffalo Bills. Seth promises to jump through a table if they make it

25:00 – Last Word on Life

26:15 – New Year’s Plans?

27:35 – Frank Gore is old as dirt, but Dwayne Haskins is a fool

31:00 – The Philadelphia Eagles should have won last Sunday because it would have given the potential for a six-win team in the playoffs. Now, they will lose next week to spite the Dallas Cowboys.

34:40 – The New York Jets singlehandedly ended the Gardner Minshew era for the Jacksonville Jaguars

36:25 – Daniel came back from zoning out to inform us that the Jaguars locked up the first pick

37:50 – DeSean Jackson sighting in Philly and Ryan’s slander continues towards Ryan Fitzpatrick

About the Podcast

Last Word on Football was a podcast thought of by producer Daniel Acevedo. Daniel also produces and hosts other podcasts. Check them out here. You can also follow him on Twitter @daniel_doesnt.

Daniel linked Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin together. Seth doesn’t really do social media. Ryan can be found on Twitter @RyanWorldEater. He writes a ton of fantasy football content for Last Word on Sports.

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