Doug Marrone Should Be Let Go as Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Doug Marrone
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Doug Marrone has been the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars for four seasons. But in that time, Marrone has led the franchise to just one playoff berth. With the first overall draft pick coming to the Jaguars for the first time ever, questions are beginning to arise in Duval about Marrone’s future with the team.

Current Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is likely headed to the Jaguars in next year’s NFL Draft. However, let’s take a look at Marrone’s tenure in Jacksonville and what led the team to this point.

Jacksonville Jaguars Should Part Ways with Doug Marrone

First off, the Jaguars’ record under Marrone is 23-42 in four seasons. He spent the end of the 2016 season as interim head coach and went 1-1. Despite that 1-1 record, there is no excuse for the intangible turmoil this franchise has seen since the playoff run in 2017.

Trading away Leonard Fournette, Jalen Ramsey, Calais Campbell, and Yannick Ngakoue may not be solely on Marrone. But everyone knows he had somewhat of a say in letting go of the franchise’s best players at the time. The on-field issues this season have the Jaguars sitting at 1-14. Just one win this season. All the talent the team has and Marrone is to be blamed for it all. After all, he is leading the charge on the sidelines every Sunday.

Let’s look back at a few weeks ago when the team traveled to face the Cleveland Browns. Gardner Minshew II was healthy and could have played. In fact, he begged Marrone to let him play. However, the franchise’s best option under center continued to sit on the sidelines. Marrone’s decisions this season could lead to him being let go after the final game next Sunday. But owner Shad Khan stated earlier in the season that Doug Marrone was keeping his job through the season.

That’s where the line should be drawn. Following the final game against the Colts, the Jaguars front office should inform Marrone that his time is up as head coach. Not only the record itself but the inability to lead the team to more victories with all the talent on the roster. This should have happened a season ago, but the ownership decided to stick it out with Marrone for another try.

Doug Marrone’s Tenure Should Be Up

Not only should Marrone be let go, but defensive coordinator Todd Wash should be gone as well. Now, Marrone has made smart decisions at times. However, the fan base is fed up with the shots he is calling on the sidelines. When the 2017 season ended, there were hopes of a bright future that may have included Marrone staying on as head coach for years to come. Obviously, that never came back to fruition as the franchise has won just seven games in the last three seasons.

While Marrone may end up being retained again, it is in the best interest of the franchise to part ways. Especially with a coveted college quarterback most likely coming to town to be the new leader. Should he be let go, there could be a few interesting names on the list for potential candidates. But for now, we’ll have to wait until the off-season to find out whether or not Marrone is done in Jacksonville.

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