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Tennessee Titans 2020 Season: Review at the Halfway Point

The Tennessee Titans 2020 season was one that was hyped internally by fans and that sentiment is turning out to be warranted.
Tennessee Titans 2020 Season

For the Tennessee Titans, the 2020 season was one that was hyped internally by fans. Finally, in the years since Vince Young was run off from the Titans organization, someone had come in to fill the spot that had been sore on the eyes of many. Ryan Tannehill, someone many saw as a bust, was brought in from the Miami Dolphins. Tannehill has shined under the direction of Mike Vrabel and Arthur Smith. With weapons like Derrick Henry and 2019 second-round draft pick A.J. Brown, the Titans were led by a new man to the AFC championship, something no one saw at the midpoint of the 2019 season. So how do the Titans look midway through the 2020 season?

A Review of the Tennessee Titans 2020 Season at the Halfway Point


Before talking about the Titans team overall, something that needs to be discussed is the COVID-19 mess that swarmed the Titans in September. The Tennessee Titans were swarmed by controversy when rumors and accusations were thrown at the team during the ordeal. That event did affect the Titans, with its effects just now coming to an end with just about everyone that went onto the COVID-19 list now off it. The incident showed how easily a team could be put on ice due to COVID.  With that out of the way, let’s start talking about the Titans, starting with their offense.     


The Titans offense has been one, while riddled with injuries, and COVID-19, has been productive, and a very diverse one also. Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry have been the main factors for the Titans during the season. Tannehill has been at a 65 percent completion rate and is nearly at 2,000 yards passing. The workhorse known as Derrick Henry has been working as hard as last season. Henry has rushed for over 840 yards during the 2020 season. At current projections, will beat his personal record set during the 2019 season. A surprise within the Titans offense has been at the tight end position. Anthony Firkser has been playing like a madman, providing another option for Tannehill, and has been great for the Titans. While the Titans offense has been amazing, the defense has been more than lacking. 


Tennessee has been in a bit of an identity crisis this 2020 season. The Titans are usually known for their old school team of being defense first, then offense. However, during the 2020 season, that has changed. On the defensive side of the ball, the Titans have been lacking all season. Some of these issues could be pointed towards the team’s chemistry, with staples like Jurrell Casey and Logan Ryan either being traded or leaving in free agency for other teams.

Additions like Jadeveon Clowney and Vic Beasley to the defense have been either awful or very mediocre to the team. In the case of Beasley, after playing for the team for eight weeks, he was cut from the team. Another issue has been third downs for the team. Recently, this issue seems to be finally resolving themselves, with new pieces such as Desmond King to help, the Titans need to quickly repair to stay alive in an offense heavy American Football Conference. 

While the Titans have six wins and two losses through the season, some of those wins have been close. With the season halfway over, the Titans look to take the mistakes of the first half and review them. If Tennessee can fix all the mistakes and plug all the holes, this is a Super Bowl-contending team. 

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