Faces of the 2020 Philadelphia Eagles

2020 Philadelphia Eagles

With training camp approaching, it’s a fitting time to look at which players on all 32 NFL teams are the most prominent faces of their respective franchises. Perhaps, not the most elite players, but a combination of talent and personality who are crucial to the locker room and community in which they play.

For this series, we will present the three (3) faces of the franchise for all 32 NFL teams. In the case of the 2020 Philadelphia Eagles, it’s a healthy mix of offensive and defensive talent. Each of them will have to play their own unique role in order for them to get back into the mix of competing for a Super Bowl. And they might just have the talent to do so.

2020 Philadelphia Eagles: Faces of the Franchise

Carson Wentz

The $128 million man (which doesn’t seem all that expensive nowadays) is fairly obviously Philadelphia’s “Face of the Franchise;” and for good reason. Say what you want about his history of poor health; when he is on the field, he undeniably makes the Eagles perennial playoff contenders. Last season, with the offense decimated with injuries, Wentz still threw for over 4,000 yards, 27 touchdowns with only seven interceptions; and led the Eagles to an NFC East title. With a full arsenal of weapons around him, he could easily stake his claim as a top 5 quarterbacks in the league.

Zach Ertz

As one of the best tight ends in the league and a model of consistency, Ertz does it all for the Eagles. He has had 74+ receptions and 800+ receiving yards each year since 2015. Ertz has been Wentz’s favorite target, and will most likely continue to be so going forward. In addition to his on the field prowess, Zach and Julie Ertz (professional soccer player) help orchestrate wonderful charitable work in the Philadelphia community. These influences Ertz makes for the Eagles are why he should be considered one of the “Faces of the Franchise.”

Fletcher Cox

The stud defensive tackle was drafted in the first round by the Eagles in 2012 and has been in Philadelphia ever since. Cox has been selected as an All-Pro in four of the last five seasons and has been a staple for the Eagles defense in his time there. In 2019, he was Pro Football Focus’ highest-rated defensive player in the NFC East. Cox wreaks havoc on opposing quarterbacks and should do so for another couple years as his contract does not expire until the 2023 season. The addition of Darius Slay in the secondary should work fantastically in tandem with the Eagles’ pass rush and that plays right into Cox’s game.

While there are a few other names to consider for the Eagles, these three really stand out above the rest as “Faces of the Franchise” heading into the 2020 season.  Their combination of elite skill, leadership, and community involvement is unmatched. Philadelphia is fascinating to dissect heading into the uncertainty of this upcoming season. With many new and old faces in the mix, they should compete at the top of the NFC East again. Strap up, Philadelphia faithful!

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