Lamar Miller Signs With New England Patriots

Longtime NFL running back Lamar Miller signed a one-year contract with the New England Patriots. As of this posting, the exact financial structure is not available to the public. Miller, a Miami product, missed the 2019 season after suffering an ACL injury during the preseason.

Lamar Miller Signs With New England Patriots

A Miami native, Lamar Miller’s career started in college with the University of Miami. A dual athlete, Miller entered the University of Miami as a redshirt freshman and a track star. It wasn’t until 2010 that Miller received playing time on the field. In his first active year, Miller recorded 646 rushing yards, 108 carries, and six touchdowns. In 2011, Miller received the starting role. He recorded 1,272 in rushing yards and nine touchdowns making him the first running back since 2002 to record over 1000 yards.

Miller was drafted in 2012 in the fourth round by the Miami Dolphins. In his rookie years, he was among talent such as Reggie Bush. Miller did not start but had a chance to play. He ended his rookie season with rushing for 250 yards and one touchdown. The following year, he became the main running back. He recorded 709 rushing yards with 2 touchdowns. Miller consistently improved as a Miami Dolphin running back. By the end of 2014, Miller recorded 1,099 rushing yards, achieved eight touchdowns, and 38 catches. Lamar Miller exemplified ball security as he only fumbled the ball three times as a Miami Dolphin.

In 2016, Lamar Miller signed with the Houston Texans. For the season opener, Miller recorded 28 carries. In his first year as a Texan, Miller recorded 1,073 in rushing yards and five yards. Statistically speaking, Miller’s reputation doesn’t look as impressive as his Dolphin statistics. However, that does not equate to his overall productivity. Miller still has maintained consistency rushing for almost 1,000 yards each year as a Texan.

During the previous season, Miller tore his ACL in a preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys ending his season and placing him on the injured reason. At 28, there is a sense of racing against time in Miller’s career. It is exciting to see what he will achieve next.

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