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Top Five Potential Sophomore Seasons

From the class of the 2019 draft, many players were selected to come into the league. Here are the top five potential sophomore seasons heading into 2020.
Top Five

From the class of the 2019 draft, many players were selected to come into the league. Some of these players made teams look silly for not selecting them, and some players looked to have been selected too high. Still, there are some that looked amazing during their freshman season and could impress in 2020. Here’s a look at the top five potential sophomore seasons.

Top Five Potential Sophomore Seasons

Deebo Samuel

The former Gamecock ended up on the other side of the country after the 2019 NFL Draft. The fourth pick in the second round wasn’t a big part of the 49ers offense but was still a necessary component. The rookie wide receiver had 57 receptions on 81 targets and brought in just over 800 yards from those receptions. During the playoffs, the rookie also added another 120 plus yards to his yard/reception. He also caught 10/18 targets during the playoffs. While Samuel had an ok rookie season, something says that he is going to have an even better season this time around, so do not sleep on him yet. 

Josh Jacobs

The Raiders seem to be one of the big winners of the draft after selecting Jacobs so late into the first round. As the 24th overall pick in the 2019 draft, the Raiders finally had some luck with them. In the 2019 season, Jacobs rushed for over 1,000 yards and looked unstoppable. The young running back was also not bad when it came to the passing side of the game. Jacobs had 20 receptions on 27 targets. Not bad for a rookie running back. The Raiders look to have solid output on the running and passing side of the game as they look towards the future in Las Vegas. 

Kyler Murray

The number one overall pick seemed to live up to the hype for the Arizona Cardinals. Murray had 24 total touchdowns during the 2019 season. When it came to passing, Murray had 3,722 passing yards and 20 touchdowns passing wise. For rushing, the quarterback rushed for 544 yards and managed to get four touchdowns out of it.  Not bad for a quarterback with a weak offensive line as the Cardinals had. Murray also had 12 interceptions, and overall, Murray needs to improve his passing, with only a 64 percent completion rate. Still, the rookie looks to have a great 2020 if he can get his passing at 100%.

Nick Bosa

The second overall pick has been a beast on the defensive side of the ball. The San Francisco 49ers made an excellent choice with their first pick of the draft. The younger Bosa brother proved that he was worth the second pick in the draft. Bosa had nine sacks and 36 tackles. Bosa also happened to have one interception, and two fumbles recovered. The defensive side of the ball for the 49ers seems to be well protected for the long haul. 

A.J. Brown

The second-round pick that plays like a top ten first-round pick. The Tennessee Titans and general manager Jon Robinson look to be the biggest second-round winners. The wide receiver from Ole Miss made a lot of teams look silly for not grabbing him. The rookie managed to get over 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns during his rookie season. This is while also dealing with a change in quarterback. Another item to point out is that the young wide receiver was also not that bad when it came to yards per target. Brown had 12.3 yards per target during the 2019 season. With more stability at the quarterback position, Brown looks to potentially have the best sophomore season of any player from the 2019 draft. 

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