Denver Broncos Easiest Games in 2020

Broncos Easiest Games
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The Denver Broncos finished last season 7-9 winning the last four of five games with Drew Lock at quarterback. This was the Denver Broncos best finish since the 2016 season and the first time for real hope looking forward. Holding the 12th strongest strength of schedule the Broncos have to come out the gates swinging to prove doubters wrong. We will take a look at the easiest games on the Broncos 2020 schedule and analyze the aspects of each.

Denver Broncos Most Difficult Games

Denver Broncos Easiest Games in 2020

1. Week 6: vs Miami Dolphins

At this point in the season, there is a good chance rookie Tua Tagovailoa is making his first start in the NFL. If that is the case this game could get ugly quickly for the Dolphins going against this defensive front. Von Miller and Bradley Chubb should have a field day abusing the Dolphins below-average offensive tackles. The Broncos offense should be able to run the ball pretty easily against this still developing front seven. Drew Lock should have a good day at the office as well seeing as long as he avoids Byron Jones

2. Week 10: vs Los Angeles Chargers

By week 10 the Chargers could be in the beginnings of the Justin Herbert era or riding the surprise success of Tyrod Taylor. Regardless of who lines up behind center, they are going to be in for a long day. Denver’s front four should pressure the quarterback into rushed throws and likely interceptions. Chris Harris Jr makes his return to Denver in this game and likely will be looking for revenge. Harris stands a bigger chance to continue his pattern from last season and get left behind by Denver’s speedy wide receivers. 

3. Week 4: at New York Jets

Sam Darnold torched the Denver Broncos in 2018 for three touchdowns with one going 76 yards to Robby Anderson. This visit to the Meadowlands should be different for both teams and the Broncos once again are favorites. Darnold faces a better assembled secondary this time so I wouldn’t expect any 76 yard plays. Look for Bradley Chubb to put rookie left tackle Mekhi Becton to the test all afternoon. Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy won’t have trouble beating the Jets average cornerbacks. This should be the beat down the Broncos were expecting to give the Jets in 2018. 

4. Week 15: at Los Angeles Chargers

Five games after visiting the Mile High City the Denver Broncos make their way to the west coast to play the Chargers once again. With the clear lack of support for the Chargers in Los Angeles, this could turn into a home game for Denver. I would expect more of the same from the Broncos front seven getting into the backfield. Justin Herbert will more than likely be starting at this point and catching the Broncos on a playoff pursuit. Denver should sweep this series pretty easily in both matchups.

5. Week 16: vs Las Vegas Raiders 

Each team at this point could be fighting for the last playoff spot in the AFC conference making this a very interesting matchup. On offense, this Raiders team has a ton of weapons that should challenge Denver at all levels. As long as Denver can keep Josh Jacobs under wraps this can be a manageable game from a passing aspect. Derek Carr usually keeps to short and intermediate routes with an occasional deep shot. Drew Lock could have a big game against the Raiders young secondary. Between KJ Hamler and Henry Ruggs, it’s a toss-up as to who is going to score the first huge touchdown.

6. Week 13: at Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey leads his Carolina Panthers against his father’s old team from years ago. The offense clearly runs through him so keeping his impact to a minimum is going to be the focus. Teddy Bridgewater is projected to have a comeback year after performing well in a brief stint with the Saints. His offensive line took a hit after the Panthers traded Trai Turner to the Chargers in the offseason. Jurell Casey should find his way into Bridgewater’s face often during the game. Taking advantage of a rebuilding defense, the Denver offense should dominate in the passing game.

7. Week 5: at New England Patriots 

Tom Brady is no longer in New England but that doesn’t mean the standard changes with Bill Belichick at the helm. Jarrett Stidham steps in at quarterback and looks to keep the tradition of winning alive. Unfortunately for Stidham, just like Brady, he stands to struggle against the Broncos. Denver needs to keep the ball on the ground in this game as much as possible to keep the ball away from that dangerous secondary. Luckily for the Broncos, the Patriots weapons on offense are relatively tame compared to other teams. Without Brady, this team is more middle of the road than world-beaters of the past.

8. Week 7: vs Kansas City Chiefs

It is blasphemous to say that a matchup with Patrick Mahomes is going to be easy but this might be one exception. It’s going to be a shoot out from the very beginning as Drew Lock looks to make his mark in this rivalry. Tyrann Mathieu already acknowledged the young quarterbacks’ talent but made it clear not to challenge him. Kansas City did little to improve their offensive line which Denver will take full advantage of often. If Denver can stay in Patrick Mahomes face it’s going to keep routes shorter limiting big plays. On offense, Denver will run the ball as much as possible to run the clock to keep the possessions down for Kansas City.

Denver Broncos Most Difficult Games

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