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Drew Brees Can’t Escape Tom Brady Comparison

a highlight that doesn’t seem new to Brees for Monday Night Football. However, with this record, Drew Brees can't escape Tom Brady comparison. 
Tom Brady Comparison

It’s always a fun night for Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints during Monday Night Football. In Week 15, the Saints were the primetime game for Monday nights, and once again Brees found himself on track to break another record, a highlight that doesn’t seem new to Brees for Monday Night Football. However, with this record, Drew Brees can’t escape the Tom Brady comparison.

The Tom Brady Comparison Is Real for Drew Brees

Saints vs. Colts

There honestly wasn’t much to not like on this game if you are a Saints fan. For the most part, they played a balanced game, dominating on both sides of the football. The Saints started and ended with a dominant defense. They did not show any signs of playing conservative until the fourth quarter with at least three minutes in the game. The offense played with an elusive fire that we haven’t seen this season. This is exactly what we needed to see since we’re heading into the playoffs soon and Saints need to win out in order to win the NFC.

One concern is Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. The rookie has been an asset and was a powerhouse in week 15. Actually, Gardner-Johnson and DeMario Davis was all over the field in a major way. With injuries hitting the team left and right, they are part of the defense you just don’t want to see taken down.

“Brees”-ing the Charts

Drew Brees started the game needing only three touchdown passes. It was fun to watch him play. This game was probably the most we’ve seen of the Saints pass game this season. Brees completed 29 of 30 passes and ended the game with a 96.7 completion percentage.

Drew vs. Brady

Drew Brees can’t seem to escape the comparison. I’ve seen it plenty of times since Brees broke the record. He is compared to Peyton Manning and Brett Favre, both retired quarterbacks. Lately, he has been compared to Tom Brady. Brady and Brees have been in the game almost the same amount of time. Brady is hitting 20 years in the game and Brees is on his 18th. It is automatic they be compared against each other.

The issue is that the comparison is mostly done when the topic is Drew Brees. Tom Brady is discussed in his own merit. There is no one coming to remind you of another quarterback around that is better. There is no one reminding you of another active quarterback with similar statistics.

Once everyone started celebrating Brees after the game, there were plenty of complaints on social media that technically Brady has more if we consider play-off games or that Brady is right behind him. Listen, I respect Brady. However, Brees came for that record after a hand injury. He was out for five games. If we were to look at that, he would have probably broken that record two to three games ago. Not to mention, the Week 15 game against the Colts was the most efficient game Brees has played. Sure, Brady has been to the Super Bowl more. He has more rings. That doesn’t negate Brees from his G.O.A.T status. It doesn’t mean he isn’t elite. Both quarterbacks are tremendous in their own way.

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