Last Word on Football Episode 11: Do the Dallas Cowboys and Jason Garrett Have the Clap?

Jason Garrett

After some more time off, this week Ryan Hawks and Seth Aplin don’t have video due to technical difficulties. Listen to them talk about things like how terrible the Dallas Cowboys are, yet Jason Garrett just keeps on clapping. The crew is also now recording at Daniel Acevedo’s new pad, and his roommate is already causing “bathroom emergencies.”

Episode 11: Do the Dallas Cowboys and Jason Garrett Have the Clap? – Last Word on Sports

0:00: Introduction and a “bathroom emergency”

1:25: Speaking of bathroom emergencies – the Carolina Panthers fired Ron Rivera

3:35: An aside from Ryan regarding his dog

4:14: Matt Ryan redeems himself from Stiff Arm Oblivion. And will Eli Manning get his swansong?

5:00: Jerry Jones goes off on a radio rant, and can Garrett get fired during the season?

8:05: The Buffalo Bills – not overrated, just rated, according to Seth

8:45: Duck, Devlin Hodges is on his way to the playoffs with the Pittsburgh Steelers

10:39: If not for the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers would be a dynasty

11:54: Reactions to Ryan’s favorite alma mater alumni, Rashaad Penny, and reminiscing on Philip Rivers playing a playoff game on a torn ACL

13:00: Gardner Minshew Magic in danger yet again. Rivers also puts up 38 points on his 38th birthday

15:35: Danny, the Taco of the guys’ fantasy league is somehow in the playoffs, and Ryan and Seth are not. The team also debates what constitutes as collusion

18:30: Le’Veon Bell didn’t play, and there is a weird conspiracy on why

21:10: What’s worse than garbage? The Oakland Raiders defense

25:45: The Green Bay Packers barely beat the Washington Redskins. What does that say about their playoff potential?

27:15: More great rivalries in sports – Kirk Cousins vs Primetime Games

27:47: Lamar Jackson proves he can beat a team by throwing the ball

30:55: Top-10 NFL rushers. Danny Loose Change fumbles the stats for bit, but scores the touchdown in the end

34:37: D.K. Metcalf has an awesome mouthpiece

37:20: Odell Beckham Jr. has a hernia – excuse for his poor performance or not?

41:15: Game of the week: New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers

46:10: NFC/AFC Championship predictions

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