Last Word on Football Episode 9: Ryan Tannehill and Other Quarterbacks Named Ryan

Ryan Tannehill

Week 10 of the NFL season has come and gone, and curiously, a lot of quarterbacks named Ryan are noteworthy this weekend. Ryan Finley got his first start for the hapless Cincinnati Bengals. Ryan Tannehill beat the Kansas City Chiefs, and Matt Ryan took down the New Orleans Saints. The only one qualified enough to talk about it is Ryan Hawks and his cohost Seth Aplin. Join them along with producer Daniel “Danny Dimes” Acevedo for another fun-filled episode of Last Word on Football.

Episode 9: Ryan Tannehill and Other Quarterbacks Named Ryan – Last Word on Football

0:00: Intro and a recap of Seth’s Trip to Wisconsin

0:55: The first Snow Game of the year (and the Green Bay Packers “hold” Christian McCaffrey to one touchdown)

1:20: Lamar Jackson throws himself into the MVP conversation

4:19: Have the Cincinnati Bengals taken the number one spot as the worst team?

6:11: Is Ryan Finley the Answer at quarterback for the Bengals?

7:40: There is a fire scare on the podcast set

8:30: Ode to Our Fans

10:30: Week 16: Get ready for the Toilet Bowl

11:18: Speaking of quarterbacks named Ryan – Ryan Tannehill

13:43: Seth beat Ryan by .6 in their fantasy football league last week

15:11: The Worst fantasy trade ever and Odell Beckham Jr. has been a bust

15:56: Kareem Hunt vs Nick Chubb – Who to go to for the rest of the season

18:24: Find out why Seth was disgusted last week

20:30: Speaking of quarterbacks named Ryan – Matt Ryan

25:55: Ryan’s first article and biggest miss – read it here

28:03: Buffalo Bills Baked by Baker Mayfield

30:03: How about the other two New Jersey teams?

32:13: Saquon Barkley is not right

36:25: David Johnson is also not right

39:44: Eli Manning and Philip Rivers – Hall of Fame quarterbacks, or not?

40:57: Chargers are free falling

44:37: The Ridiculous Rumor of Tom Brady signing with the Los Angeles Chargers

52:17: Preview of Monday Night Football

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