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Jacksonville Jaguars Home Crowd Disappointed One Final Time in 2018

Disappointment abounded once more for Jacksonville Jaguars fans when the team lost to the Washington Redskins via a last-second field goal.
Jaguars Home Crowd

It has been a long disappointing road if you are a Jacksonville Jaguars fan this season. Last year’s AFC championship loss seemed to tell fans one thing: the Jaguars have finally made it back to being a winning team. Except, that didn’t actually turn out to be the case at all. This team showed glimpses of hope, as recently as two weeks ago against the playoff-chasing Indianapolis Colts with a shut-out. But that same team has now shown everyone the last two weeks that the season is a lost cause.

Jacksonville Jaguars Home Crowd Experiences Disappointment One Final Time This Season

Looking Back

The Jaguars did not impress fans much this season, but fans certainly deserved more than they got yesterday. A loss in the final home game of the season. And not just any loss, but to a fourth-string quarterback with the Washington Redskins who has been on the roster less than a month. According to Jacksonville Business Journal, the Jaguars led the league in new season ticket holders, by adding over 10,000 newcomers. To add to the total, over 90 percent of the 2017 season ticket holders renewed this season as well. Safe to say fans were really invested in the Jaguars this season. However, to almost everyone’s surprise, it did not pay off one bit. Sure, there was one revenge game that could be celebrated, watching the New England Patriots take a loss on the Jaguars home field.

But this season will be remembered as the one where the Tennessee Titans Derrick Henry set a rushing record and scored four touchdowns against them. This performance against the Jaguars in their only prime-time appearance this season. It will be seen as the one with the most anticipation the Jaguars have had in years. But instead, it’s just one of a sea of bad losses that have the Jaguars sitting in last place in the AFC South with a 4-10 record.

The Game That Didn’t Seem to Matter

Sunday’s game against the Redskins showed a team that has already quit on the season. The team collectively seems to have moved on to thinking about other things. Most likely the off-season, the future, attempts to stay healthy, etc. But definitely not the game. The only player that really showed any heart was Dede Westbrook when he ran a 74-yard punt return for a touchdown. Jalen Ramsey said it best after the loss. He was quoted as saying he was “only worried about himself” (Yahoo Sports). As the season nears an end that seems to be the feeling shared by many, because what else would explain where things are right now?

What’s Next?

The Jaguars have some great talented players and that alone will take any player a long way. But there are other elements that get players ahead. Things like heart and showing up each and every week to play the game. It’s hard to say who would make the cut if each player took a long hard look in the mirror. Nothing is certain as the season nears an end.

The future of many players and all the coaches are up in the air. The Jaguars do have two away games left so all is not totally lost. A winning season at this point is impossible. Showing up for those that matter and believed in them most this season is in the past now too. There will be some tough decisions to be made and might even be some surprises. Some of what has to be considered is whether or not Doug Marrone will continue with the team, whether Tom Coughlin will play a more active role with the team, and who ultimately will be behind center next season. Whoever that player ends up being, they are certain to need some help on the offensive side of the ball.

A team that seemed so close a short time ago now needs a lot of help. They need to start thinking right now about what it will take to get back to where they were just a season ago.

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