Miami Dolphins Trade Jay Ajayi to Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz just got a boost in his offensive backfield. In what is being marked as a “blockbuster” trade deadline move, Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi is now on his way to Philadelphia to join the Eagles. This move was first reported by Ian Rapoport, and full details were released by Adam Schefter.

Miami Dolphins Trade Jay Ajayi to Philadelphia Eagles

Impact on the Eagles

Alright, so the Eagles are only giving up a middle-round pick here. To most teams, that doesn’t mean much. To the Eagles, it barely means anything. Currently, Philadelphia stands at 7-1, and has the best record in the NFL. This pick should be a low fourth-rounder, possibly even #32 if the Eagles go all the way.

In terms of a positive impact on Philadelphia, this adds a bit more to their explosive backfield. Darren Sproles is out for the year, but LeGarrette Blount has stepped up tremendously for Philly this year. Additionally, the Eagles offensive line has become a bit more beaten up over the past few weeks. The Eagles are likely hoping that adding another power back to the situation can help negate some of the effects of losing Jason Peters.

Impact on the Dolphins

Perhaps one of the most shocking things about this Dolphins trade is that Jarvis Landry was not a part of it. Landry was one of the hottest names in this year’s trade rumors. But instead, Miami gave up their star running back from 2016. Ajayi had a monster year in 2016, collected a total of 1,272 yards on the season. However, he has greatly regressed this season, only mustering 465 total yards on the ground. While Ajayi has regressed, Miami still saw him as at least a moderate offensive weapon. As it stands, they are 4-3 on the year.

With this middle-round pick, maybe they can start to think about options for next year. If they like the quarterbacks at the top of the draft next year, maybe this pick can turn into a productive weapon for that guy. Or hey, there’s always Jay Cutler, if he decides to stay out of the booth.

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