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2017 Cleveland Browns Training Camp Awards

What better way to judge this year's camp than an award show format? Without further ado, these are the first annual Cleveland Browns Training Camp Awards.

Now that training camp is winding down, it’s only right that we take a look at camp as a whole. Although it’s only preseason, training camp can have some serious implications on who starts and sits. For the Cleveland Browns, this year’s training camp was a trial run to see just what they could get out of this year’s draft class. While the team rebuilds, Hue Jackson needs to get a feel for this season and what he needs next year. And what better way to judge this year’s training camp than with an award show format? So without further ado, here are the first annual Cleveland Browns Training Camp Awards.

2017 Cleveland Browns Training Camp Awards

Biggest Surprise

The Biggest Surprise award will go to that rookie or veteran who showed fans and coaches alike great amounts of unknown potential. In other words, this award goes to the biggest “sleeper” in 2017 Browns training camp. This year’s Biggest Surprise award goes to rookie defensive tackle Trevon Coley.

Throughout camp, Coley showed tremendous amounts of promise and garnered praise from fans and staff alike. During camp and the first preseason game, Coley showcased incredible athleticism and great technique on the defensive line. Additionally, his preseason performance has nearly guaranteed him a spot on the 53-man roster. For all these things combined, we here at Last Word on Browns are proud to present Trevon Coley with this year’s Biggest Surprise award.

Biggest Disappointment

In the opposite of a real award, the Biggest Disappointment award goes to that rookie or veteran who has shown the opposite of promise and has generally had a bad camp. A Shaqtin’ A Fool of sorts, this award is presented to whoever has, although they showed promise and growth in years past, has let down fans and coaches. This year’s Biggest Disappointment award goes to quarterback Cody Kessler.

Kessler came into camp as the presumptive starter. However, he immediately started to show signs of regression, rather than progression. Now, he sits behind Brock Osweiler and rookie DeShone Kizer. Without a doubt, Kessler has disappointed time and time again this year. In a year where he was supposed to show progression, he has done the exact opposite. From starter to third-stringer, Kessler is without a doubt, most deserving of our Biggest Disappointment award.

Best Rookie

The Best Rookie award pretty much explains itself. The award is presented to the rookie who has given the best camp performance and has shown utmost NFL readiness. To the surprise of basically no one, this award goes to the first overall pick, defensive end Myles Garrett.

Coming into training camp, Garrett was by far the most hyped man possibly in the entire league. And boy, did he deliver. Not only did Garrett look like a pro at times, but he acted like one on a consistent basis. Out of the entire Browns training camp class, Garrett was definitely the best rookie. In fact, he was probably better than some of the veterans. In any case, Garrett already seems poised for a breakout season. For all these reasons and so much more, he receives our Best Rookie award.

Most Improved

The Most Improved award goes to the veteran who, from last year to this year, has shown…well, the most improvement. In a bit of a cop-out, this year’s Most Improved award goes to the entire Browns defense.

Last year, this defense was abysmal. With Emmanuel Ogbah and Jamie Collins as some of the lone bright spots, Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown knew that this defense had to get better. And almost immediately, he started making moves. First, they re-signed Collins, which was a pressing off-season issue but on draft night, this regime really got to work. With Garrett as the first pick, that was a great start. But then, they followed up with the electric Jabrill Peppers, the playmaker in cornerback Howard Wilson, trench man Larry Ogunjobi, and a steal in defensive tackle Caleb Brantley. Following all those up, they signed defensive back Jason McCourty. All those moves, and this defense is now very much improved.

Training Camp MVP

We’ve come to the main event of the show. It is time to announce the 2017 Browns Training Camp MVP. This award, quite obviously, goes to the most valuable player in this year’s training camp. This year, the Browns Training Camp MVP goes to rookie defensive end, Myles Garrett.

Everything that needs to be said about Garrett’s performance early in his rookie year has already been said. It’s as simple as this. Not only was he the best rookie in camp, but he often outshined some of the veterans as well. It’s clear that he has the desire to be one of, if not the best in the game, and his camp performance has made that even more evident. All things considered, no one deserves the MVP award more than Mr. First Overall, Myles Garrett.

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