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Clark Hunt Discusses John Dorsey’s Firing

Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt discussed in general terms the reasons behind the firing of general manager John Dorsey.

In the first of a series of three press conferences today, Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt discussed in general terms the reasons behind the firing of general manager John Dorsey. However, he evaded specific questions and in general alluded to the fact that the problems between him and Dorsey were not new. Hunt knew for some time where the two split, but after a full investigation of the personnel department, the Chiefs split with Dorsey. At no point did they even get to negotiate Dorsey’s contract. Further, Hunt definitively put the onus of the decision on himself.

Clark Hunt Discusses John Dorsey’s Firing

Clark Hunt guided his way through the press conference by stating that the decision to part ways with John Dorsey was difficult. Yet, the differences were clear amidst the management style both parties desired. After a tumultuous spring, a complete review was opened into the front office.

“It was a difficult decision, but after a thorough evaluation of our football operations, in the long-term interests of the Chiefs I felt it was best to make a change,” Hunt reiterated in the press conference.

For the first time, the revealing of a front office investigation was an open door into the Chiefs upper management. Although the specific issues were never specified, everyone from the president, vice president, to Dorsey himself had their positions reviewed. Ultimately, Dorsey was the odd man out.

“To have a championship team, your personnel department needs to be functioning at a very high level,” Hunt emphasized. “The other 31 teams have a personnel department that’s functioning at a very high level.”

Hunt stated time and time again he and Dorsey had a great relationship and he would not state anything negative. Further, Andy Reid had no part in the decision to part with Dorsey. In fact, Reid was notified that there was no option in this parting.

For unknown reasons, Hunt was convinced that Dorsey was not the path to the Super Bowl. He reiterated that the changing of paths and quick decisions is essential to all 31 teams in the NFL.

The path to the Super Bowl will now be through new Brett Veach. Hunt praised the new general manager moments ahead of addressing him. Again, he stated that Veach was familiar with the staff and, “A very sharp young man.”

Further, Veach will have full control of roster decisions in conjunction with head coach Andy Reid. Both will work together to make final roster decisions and report to Hunt. This is no deviation from the way that Dorsey and Reid operated.

Two questions were asked regarding Tamba Hali’s recent tweets and Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard. Hunt stated he would not be talking to Hali, and instead that was a job for Reid. There was no comment on Ballard, as he was now the general manager of a new team.

The press conference was mostly positive and focused on a positive transition forward. It was clearly evident that Hunt would rather focus on the areas in which the Kansas City Chiefs can succeed in the future, as opposed to addressing anything perceived as negative.

Stay tuned to LWOS for more Kansas City Chiefs news throughout today! Brett Veach’s introductory press conference followed at 11AM. Andy Reid will have a press conference of his own at 3PM.

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