The Seattle Seahawks Should Draft Kevin King

The Seattle Seahawks currently hold the 26th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. While it’s quite obvious that the Seahawks need a lineman, it would be honest to say that taking one in the first round would not be a smart move as many of the linemen are not worth a number one pick. So to say, drafting a player at another position would be smart. In that case, the Seattle Seahawks should draft Kevin King.

The Seattle Seahawks Should Draft Kevin King

Kevin King is a 6’3″, 200 pound cornerback out of Washington whose name has rose quite a few spots on the 2017 NFL draft board. King has showed his versatility in being able to play all over the backfield in college and that should translate to the NFL. In his collegiate career, he had a total of 164 tackles, six interceptions, and two forced fumbles. A few weeks ago, if you had pulled up this article, Sidney Jones, a fellow Washington corner would probably be the recommendation for the Seahawks here. But, unfortunately, he suffered an Achilles tendon tear during his pro day and thus damaged his draft stock. King is just as talented as Jones and many draft experts are starting to see him as a real potential target in the first round of the draft.

King, who has an impressive size for a corner, has shown an ability to clog lanes and make the plays needed against the offense. His length also allows for him to create tight coverage in the lane and get his hands in where he needs them against the receiver. King also had a decent 4.43 40-yard-dash at the Combine, has been able to use his speed to come up to the line of scrimmage and make tackles off the snap.

Some of his weaknesses include strength and footwork. A cause for concern is his 11 bench press reps at the combine which suggest lack of upper body strength. His lagging footwork and transition doesn’t help him much in the press which leads many to believe he would be better at free safety. But these are issues that can easily be addressed and give King the possibility of substantial improvement before the start of the season.

Currently on the Seahawks roster is one of the best cornerbacks in the league and four-time Pro Bowler Richard Sherman. On the opposite side would usually be rising star DeShawn Shead, but he is recovering from an ACL tear suffered in the Seahawks loss to the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round of the playoffs. Until Shead can become fully healthy again, it would make a good fit for King to fill in his spot on the gridiron and learn under one of the NFL’s best.

As said by a scout on his draft profile, King is “not a physical tackler, but he’s almost too tall to be trusted against shifty receivers. Maybe a team like Seattle, which love those long, press corners. Or you might see a team try and make him a free safety.” (

CBS Sports have King currently rated number 22 overall, only a few spots ahead of where the Seahawks pick.