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Cleveland Browns Reportedly May Switch to White Helmets

The Cleveland Browns are apparently unhappy with their current uniforms, even considering scrapping their classic orange helmets.

Despite altering uniforms in 2015, the Cleveland Browns are apparently looking to change up their look already. Browns co-owner Dee Haslam said that management remains unsatisfied with the makeover, according to Tony Grossi. One problem is that the Browns can’t change uniforms until 2020.

Cleveland Browns Reportedly May Switch to White Helmets

According to NFL rules, teams cannot alter uniforms until five years after their previous change. Although not allowed to begin working with Nike and the NFL until 2018, Haslam is still committed to the change. “We’ve learned a lot through that process,” she said. “We will go through the process probably again.”

Revealed just over two years ago, the updated attire features a bolder orange hue, the word ‘Cleveland’ across the chest and a brown facemask. Along with the uniforms, the Browns presented an updated primary logo and a new secondary canine logo. Critics had a very mixed reaction at the time of the release. Many believed that the uniforms strayed too far away from the team’s classic look while others voiced their support for the new Nike threads.

Sources told Grossi that management is also heavily contemplating scrapping the famous orange helmets. Per Grossi, “Browns are seriously looking at replacing the plain orange helmet with a plain white one.” The Browns wore white helmets from their inaugural 1946 season until 1951, when the league mandated franchises to create different helmets from the white footballs that were used for night games.

In the five years the Cleveland Browns wore white helmets, the team won four All-America Football Championship titles and an NFL Championship, so the current ownership may be seeking to regain the winning magic that the white helmets apparently provided.

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