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Why the Cleveland Browns Should Draft Brad Kaaya

Who could be Cleveland's franchise quarterback on the second day of the draft? Enter Miami's promising signal-caller, Brad Kaaya.

As the Cleveland Browns continue to flounder in the NFL’s basement, one thing remains clear. They need a lot of help, all across the board. Of course, that is what people expect from a nearly-winless football team. But although their defense was nearly devoid of talent in 2016, the offense did show some flashes. However, historically bad teams like the 2016 Browns almost always have one thing in common: no franchise quarterback. And since Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett is a shoe-in for the first overall pick, the Browns might wait for the second day to grab a quarterback. In fact, this draft is so stacked defensively that the Browns might go defense again with the #12 pick. So, who could be their franchise quarterback on the second day of the draft? Enter Miami’s promising signal-caller, Brad Kaaya.

Why the Cleveland Browns Should Draft Brad Kaaya

Physical Prototype

Brad Kaaya is a prototypical quarterback. Standing at 6’4, 210, Kaaya is a great blank slate to have. First off, his height should excite many draft scouts. A tall quarterback that can look over his offensive line is becoming a must in the NFL. Additionally, his arm strength is among the best in this draft class. Kaaya’s deep ball has perfect touch, and his throws are catchable.

As far as his weight goes, that could possibly be improved. While Kaaya is a bit light for a quarterback of his size, he is already incredibly tough. If Kaaya chooses to put weight on for his NFL tenure, that could be great for him. Although he has gotten this far without it, Brad Kaaya likely already knows that the NFL is a different animal than the college game. Overall, Kaaya’s measurables are incredibly promising, especially in a physically tough AFC North division.

Eager to Learn

As mentioned before, college football is incredibly different from the NFL’s style. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the style of the game itself. While the NFL works a “pro” style offense, college teams normally operate under a “spread” offense. Brad Kaaya has experience with both, and he is eager to learn more.

Under Hue Jackson, Kaaya’s football IQ could reach its full potential. As for right now, Kaaya’s offense is mostly spread style at Miami, but he has played some snaps under center. In a cleaner pocket (which a revamped Browns offensive line could now provide), Kaaya would have all the time in the world. Not only is this important physically, but mentally as well. Kaaya would have time to go fully through his progressions and find a receiver like Corey Coleman, who is now Cleveland’s number one option. With the Browns overhauling their offensive line, Kaaya could fit right in.

Flashes of Greatness

Throughout his time at “The U,” Brad Kaaya has shown flashes of a franchise NFL quarterback. During Miami’s 2016 bowl game against the West Virginia Mountaineers, Kaaya put up a monster performance. In the 31-14 victory, Kaaya threw for 282 yards and four touchdowns, which included a couple of beautiful deep throws. In those throws, Kaaya showed glimpses of his full NFL potential. If Hue Jackson can find what makes those throws so special, he will most certainly dig that up. If he is able to do that, Cleveland just might have their “guy.” Although it is not a guarantee by any means, Kaaya’s flashes could be the start of something huge for the Browns.

Conclusion and Pro Comparison

With everything that Brad Kaaya has to offer, it is a real shame that he has not garnered the hype he deserves. However, that really only works in the Browns’ favor. If Kaaya’s draft stock stays where it is, Cleveland might be able to snag him in the third round. Judging by his physical attributes, Kaaya could be a lot like Philip Rivers. Sure, maybe Rivers is not at the forefront of “elite” NFL quarterbacks. But for Browns fans and Hue Jackson, their quarterback of choice does not have to be elite. Luckily for them, Brad Kaaya is not exactly Philip Rivers. No, he is Brad Kaaya. And he could be elite one day.


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