F1 Manager: December 2022 Update Details

F1 Manager (Credit: f1manager.com)

December brought two updates to F1 Manager from developers Frontier to enhance the racing simulation experience.

Since the initial release of F1 Manager back in August, the game has received overall praise. However, like most games, the developers continue to make improvements through update patches. These updates are intended to either take away or fix any issues giving players a better playing experience. The latest updates added to the game came in December, patches 1.11 and 1.12.

Update 1.11 was released in the first half of the month, with 1.12 coming just a few weeks later. Frontier targeted bugs addressed by the players’ complaints within these two updates. Update 1.11 focused on the power of DRS and plenty of balances regarding aerodynamics. Update 1.12 finalized the more minor details of a general clean-up of bugs to improve the game. These updates will not force players to restart their saves. Instead, they will be implemented into their current save. Below is an overview of the changes from the 1.11 and 1.12 updates.

Update 1.11

  • Reduced the strength of DRS performance.
  • Added the “Aerodynamic Balance” option. This will allow players the choice of using the original setting or a new option regarding aerodynamics.
  • Updated safety car procedures to allow cars to unlap themselves (see Abu Dhabi 2021).
  • Increased the effective range of slipstream and the effective range of dirty air.
  • Resolved weather predictions to be more accurate.
  • Increased the tire wear for the AI to pit under safety car conditions.
  • Updated the description of the “rushed” manufacturing option. This will eliminate incorrect information during the car part development process.

Update 1.12

  • General stability modifications to deal with crash issues, specifically regarding the connection to the Razor Chroma integration.
  • Repaired gameplay issue where cars would overtake during safety car procedures.

Expect the developers to continue releasing further updates throughout 2023.

Featured Image Credit: F1Manager.com