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Three F1 Games to play during the off-season

F1 Manager by Frontier Developments

Looking for some more F1 action to pass the time? Here are a few games that will put you right in the action.

With the 2022 F1 season in the rearview mirror, there is plenty of free time before the 2023 campaign is upon us. If you find yourself wanting more F1 action to fill your time, here are three great F1 games you should check out. F1 2022, F1 Manager, and F1 Clash offer three very distinct versions of Formula 1 action depending on what type of game you like to play, how much time you have, and what system(s) are available to you.

F1 2022

The most well-known, and arguably the best, F1 game on the market. The developer’s Electronic Arts (EA), the latest installment is available on PS5/PS4, XBOX 1/ XBOX Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. F1 2022 provides players with realistic graphics, gameplay, and bonuses. Players can indulge themselves in the perspective of an actual F1 driver. The game provides plenty of game modes0 to choose from such as a quick race, online racing, and eSports events throughout the season. For an even more realistic experience, players can use a proper steering wheel and pedals to provide a true simulation of being an F1 driver.

The most popular mode in this game is the MyTeam career mode. In MyTeam, players can create their own team to compete with the existing ten F1 teams. Before the start, there are three options for how you’re team’s resources will be handled. The options are newcomer, midfield challenger, or championship competitor. So the player has the choice to either grind out the seasons, or immediately jump in as a top team. Users can create their team name, logo, and livery to create the exact look they desire on the track. They also select the remaining components of their engine, sponsors, and a teammate to battle alongside during the season.

Once you begin a season, players partake in the full race weekend with practice sessions, qualifying, and the Grand Prix. After the completion of every race, research points that are earned can be used to upgrade the car. Some upgrades take time and can even fail upon arrival. This game prevails in creating an environment of becoming an F1 driver in the comfort of your living room.

F1 Manager

The newest F1 game on the market is F1 Manager. Developed by Frontier Development, it was released on August 25, 2022, and is available on PS5/PS4, XBOX 1/XBOX Series X/S, Steam, and Microsoft Windows. F1 Manager allows players to experience the role of Team Principal for their favorite team. Compared to F1 2022, this game takes the route of two different aspects of race weekends and loads of screen management in a single-player mode. This game is perfect for fans who enjoy the in-depth details of F1 and like to be precise in their every decision for the best result possible.

From the start, players select the team they want to manage as the new team principal. Each team has its budget to work with and can be spent to their liking. Within the game, players will experience the presence of the boardroom, develop car parts, and maintain the teams’ image. Throughout the season players receive emails from team engineers to provide information regarding the drivers, the performance of the car, and any additional information to improve the team. There are also opportunities to switch up personnel. F1, F2, and F3 drivers are placed into the market to be scouted and signed as either a main driver or reserve. The same changes can be made with race engineers and other key personnel.

On race weekends, players can work throughout practice sessions to adjust each car’s set-up depending on the track and driver’s feedback to get it perfect for qualifying and the race. As a Team Principal players are responsible for selecting the pit and tire strategy. You can either go with the predesigned option or create your own. During the race, the player will dictate the direction of what their drivers should do. There are options to have them be more aggressive on their tires, fuel usage, and battery usage. It does become a game of risk, but those strategy calls are part of what makes the sport great. Can you lead your team on track and through the development cycle to reach the top of Formula 1?

F1 Clash

The third and final game comes in the form of your phone. F1 Clash is one of the few F1 mobile games on the market. Developed by Hutch, released on May 7, 2019, and available on both iOS and Android, the game is free to download. Once downloaded, players can sign up with an Apple, Facebook, or Android account to receive rewards. From there, players open crates to collect cards to build their inventory of drivers and car parts. For each race, you select two F1 drivers and car components. There are three variations of cards – common, rare, and epic – to depict how good the cards are. Drivers come in all three can types while the variations are split over car parts. Since it is a mobile app if players want to add more content, they can purchase in-game microtransactions to obtain better cards at a faster rate.

Within the game, there are two modes to play on the app, duels and special events. In duels, players select a level to play at and the game finds a match based on the combined score of driver & car part cards selected. It is a player-versus-player battle for coins and trophies. The computer simulates qualifying and asks the player to decide on which tires they’ll use for the start of the race. Based on the length of the circuit races vary from 6 to 9 laps.

Both drivers on each team battle against the other two. The winner is decided based on who scores the most points. The game incorporates a feature where the car must be serviced during the race, if not, a part will fail forcing the car to lose power. Tire strategies and when to tell your drivers to push or conserve are crucial as errors can cost the win in the duel.

After a duel, the winner receives coins, a crate, and trophies. These rewards all play a role in upgrading the team and rising the ranks. Special events are similar to duels, but provide better rewards when competing. The higher the ranks, the more challenging the opponents are. This game is great to play while on the road or if you are short on time as races typically only take 5-8 minutes. This is a game to check in every few hours, as the crates take real time to unlock. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to play, F1 Clash would be best.

Featured Image Credit: Frontier Developments


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