Chasing the Dream – F2’s answer to Drive to Survive?

Chasing the Dream F2

With Netflix’s huge success in ‘Drive to Survive’, Formula 2 has its own behind-the-scenes look in ‘Chasing the Dream’.

After Liberty Media took over Formula 1 in 2017, they came with the goal of expanding the fanbase, including in America. By 2019, F1 had partnered with Netflix to document a look at the life and characters of the series beyond what is shown on race broadcasts. Drive to Survive was born and F1 hasn’t been the same since. The show is credited as a huge reason F1 is currently going through a growth phase, especially in the United States. Following its success, a year later Formula 2 opted for a similarly styled show called Chasing the Dream that follows the young drivers in their pursuit of glory.

Now in its fourth season Chasing the Dream is a regular showcase on F1 TV and now YouTube. The perfect hold-over for F1 fans in the off-season as they wait for the next season of Drive to Survive.

What is Chasing the Dream?

Like Drive to Survive each episode often focuses on a particular driver or team, while also progressing through the season. The show has managed to be a huge success across the globe in helping fans get to know the stars of tomorrow.

The first season of the show was no doubt overshadowed by the devastating loss of rookie Anthonie Hubert who lost his life following a collision at the Belgian Grand Prix. The fourth episode of the season is dedicated entirely to him and Juan Manuel Correa who was also involved in the crash. It’s a touching tribute of music and cinematography.

Formula 2 is a series that many people are aware of but don’t necessarily follow closely. The junior series that feeds up to Formula 1, Chasing the Dream helps shine a light on the emerging talents around the paddock. Season 4, which premiered in August, is the longest yet at nine episodes due to its growing popularity. It provides audiences with the opportunity to learn about the drivers away from the track and offers a raw insight that wouldn’t usually occur during a race weekend.

Having recently been nominated for the ‘Best Sports Documentary of the Year’ award at the 2022 Broadcast Sports Awards, the show has definitely made a name for itself separating itself from Netflix’s Drive to Survive.

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