Quiet Times For UCLA Football


These are quiet times for UCLA football. We have not heard from Chip Kelly in person since the day before the aborted Holiday Bowl in late December. We were provided, via email, a perfunctory comment from him when he and UCLA agreed to a contract extension on January 14th. That was a day before both […] READ MORE

Bruins Should Be Wary Of Hawai’i

When your team is 10-21 over three years, you have no business taking any opponent for granted. UCLA opens the 2021 campaign against Hawai’i and is a prohibitive 17-point favorite. But the Bruins should be wary of Hawai’i. The Rainbow Warriors are coming into the Rose Bowl Saturday with an attacking style defense and a […] READ MORE

UCLA’s Offensive Line Is The Starting Point


Five starting offensive linemen coming back intact is great for a starting quarterback. It’s a blessing for the running backs. But it’s a downright dream for an offensive line coach and offensive coordinator. UCLA’s offensive line is the starting point, with five starters returning, for everything that happens, good or bad, this season. UCLA’s Offensive […] READ MORE

Chip Kelly Assesses UCLA’s Spring Camp


The talk about returning experience for UCLA has been repeated ad nauseum…frequently in this space. Depth has also been a big topic during Spring. Developing younger players and integrating the transfers was high on the priority list. And certainly, being able to move the process along faster was significant, due to the experience of the […] READ MORE

Bruins Holding The Line

UCLA offensive line coach and offensive coordinator Justin Frye referred to them as the, “Five big asses,” in front of the quarterback. He said if they do their job, as a unit, it makes life much easier for the rest of the offense. While UCLA has had to juggle some offensive line positions in Spring […] READ MORE

UCLA Has Holes To Fill


Nothing is going to come easy for UCLA this year. There was the shutting down of Spring camp after just a few workouts. There was the clearing out of campus. They got outed by the LA County Director of Health for having positive COVID cases that were actually months old, at a time when there […] READ MORE