UCLA’s Roster Management Is Complicated


Now that the ink is dry on the formal letters of intent, Chip Kelly will assess what is needed still and keep a daily eye on the transfer portal to go get it. But UCLA’s roster management is complicated. And now the Bruins have more quarterback options thanks to the transfer portal. While there are […] READ MORE

UCLA vs USC Match-up


There have been UCLA versus USC games with Rose Bowl implications, national rankings, and conference championships on the line. And there have been rivalry games where just getting through to the end of the season was what was on the menu. And then we have this year’s UCLA vs USC match-up where a mix of […] READ MORE

Bruins Get A Reset


A team that is 2-1 has rarely needed a rebound the way UCLA needs one this week. The euphoric high over the LSU win was unsustainable. It was countered by the shock of an avoidable last second loss to Fresno State. Now we get the conference opener with UCLA vs. Stanford as the Bruins get […] READ MORE

UCLA vs Fresno State


Admit it. If during the Summer, we told you UCLA could get out of the non-conference season at 3-0, you would think we were crazy. UCLA had not even won an out-of-conference in the Chip Kelly era prior to this year. And with an SEC blueblood on the schedule, the idea of 3-0 to start […] READ MORE

What Is Next For UCLA Football?


The UCLA Bruins are 2-0. That alone is news in the college football world. But after years in a college football desert, it is fair to ask if the recent success is a mirage. Or have the Bruins finally turned the corner after they constantly missed the turn for the last three years under Chip […] READ MORE

UCLA Football Is On The Clock


The time for stories about youth and inexperience is over. There is no room for answers about learning new schemes. No more needing a magnifying glass to look for infinitesimal signs of improvement in a three-year run that has gone 10-21. Chip Kelly has the most experienced team, and the largest roster, he has ever […] READ MORE

UCLA’s Grown-Up Bruins

By now everyone who follows UCLA football knows it is one of the most experienced teams in the country. The storyline is well worn. The phrase, “Player led, not coach fed,” has become trite already. But hey. It’s what there is when we are still three weeks away from the start of the season and […] READ MORE

Bruins Holding The Line

UCLA offensive line coach and offensive coordinator Justin Frye referred to them as the, “Five big asses,” in front of the quarterback. He said if they do their job, as a unit, it makes life much easier for the rest of the offense. While UCLA has had to juggle some offensive line positions in Spring […] READ MORE