Bruins Holding The Line

UCLA offensive line coach and offensive coordinator Justin Frye referred to them as the, “Five big asses,” in front of the quarterback. He said if they do their job, as a unit, it makes life much easier for the rest of the offense. While UCLA has had to juggle some offensive line positions in Spring […] READ MORE

UCLA Football’s Dorian vs. Dorian


Dorian Thompson-Robinson, barring injury, will be the starting quarterback for UCLA in the 2021. His only real competition according to Bruins head coach Chip Kelly is himself. So, while some have wanted a quarterback competition in Spring camp, UCLA football’s Dorian vs. Dorian is probably not what they had in mind. UCLA Football’s Dorian vs. […] READ MORE

UCLA Football’s Unfinished Business

UCLA finally opened Spring camp Friday morning. Sixth year defensive back Qwuantrezz Knight says the Bruins have a lot of unfinished business. That happens when in your best year in the last years you finished 3-4. Part of UCLA football’s unfinished business was just getting camp underway. UCLA Football’s Unfinished Business UCLA is the last […] READ MORE

UCLA Hires Ryan Gunderson To Tutor The Quarterbacks


The Bruins will not have a new quarterback in 2021, but they will have a new position coach guiding the returnees. UCLA will be bringing in Ryan Gunderson as the new quarterbacks’ coach replacing the retiring Dana Bible. The school made the official announcement Friday afternoon. UCLA Hires Ryan Gunderson To Tutor The Quarterbacks UCLA […] READ MORE

Stanford Beats UCLA In Double OT 48-47


Was there any other way to finish the 2020 UCLA football season? UCLA ended the 2020 season, such as it was, in a fashion totally befitting its play. Mix together some unimaginably soft defense, injuries to key players, and flashes of intestinal fortitude in the face of obstacles. Brittain Brown had the game of his […] READ MORE

Trojans Hold Off The Bruins 43-38


Rivalry games don’t always have to be pretty to be memorable. Sometimes it is about which team can overcome its mistakes to outlast the other team. Saturday at the Rose Bowl, USC did a far better job overcoming its mistakes and taking advantage of UCLA’s as the Trojans hold off the Bruins 43-38 . The […] READ MORE

UCLA vs USC Is Much More Than A Game


The coaches say it is just another game. The players say it is just another game. It’s what they hear the coaches pontificate. No fan on either side will ever accept it as just another game. You live with the outcome at work and at school for a year. Two years from now, few outside […] READ MORE

UCLA Hangs On Against ASU


Don’t look now UCLA fans, but the Bruins have a two-game winning streak after their 25-18 win over Arizona State in Tempe Saturday night. At 3-2, they have a winning record for the first time since October 21st, 2017, when they were 4-3 after a home win against Oregon. UCLA Hangs On Against ASU It […] READ MORE

Can UCLA Get Momentum?


We have been here before with UCLA football this season. Let’s face it we have been here a few times over the last three seasons. Will there be momentum coming off last week’s win? Or will it be fleeting success stopped in its track by a team that is better than last week’s opponent? Can […] READ MORE