UCLA’s Grown-Up Bruins

By now everyone who follows UCLA football knows it is one of the most experienced teams in the country. The storyline is well worn. The phrase, “Player led, not coach fed,” has become trite already. But hey. It’s what there is when we are still three weeks away from the start of the season and […] READ MORE

UCLA’s Experience Begets Expectations


With experience comes expectations. UCLA returns one of the most experienced teams in the country going into the 2021 season. An ESPN algorithm says the Bruins return the second most production in the country. Head coach Chip Kelly always takes in terms of the immediate. “We’re just looking to have a great Monday,” would be […] READ MORE

Can UCLA Get Momentum?


We have been here before with UCLA football this season. Let’s face it we have been here a few times over the last three seasons. Will there be momentum coming off last week’s win? Or will it be fleeting success stopped in its track by a team that is better than last week’s opponent? Can […] READ MORE

UCLA Football Trying To Regroup


Spring camp in college football is a numbers game. It is about filling holes left over from the previous season; bringing in new talent; and looking position by position for needs and pieces to fill those needs. At UCLA, the numbers are in the cumulative. UCLA had only 60-some-odd players in each of the last […] READ MORE

UCLA Defense Actually Got Worse


Starting this week, more than 60 FBS schools are getting ready for post-season play. For the second year in a row, UCLA is not one of them. You can say that at 4-8, and one game better than what they did in 2018, the Bruins improved, but that is really splitting hairs. Look for all […] READ MORE

Experience Is Key For UCLA Defense


In 2018, UCLA was one of the four youngest teams in the country. With 48+ freshmen and sophomores on the 2019 roster, that is likely to be the case again this season. No one is chalking up the 3-9 performance last year completely to youth. But if there is an upside going forward, it is […] READ MORE