The New College Athletics Alliance

The Pac-12, Big Ten, and ACC have responded to the latest growth by the SEC by forming an alliance among the three Power 5 conferences. There were not a lot of details when it came to the new college athletics alliance. But scheduling and the current power structure of college sports seemed to be at […] READ MORE

What To Make of the 2020 Big Ten Football Season


The Big Ten football season has been nothing short of chaotic. From Covid-19 out breaks to game cancellations, this became very clear. The Big Ten’s initial plan to resurrect a season had little plans to deal with these issues that were bound to arise. Eventually, the straw to break the camels back came with the […] READ MORE

Big Ten Football Is Back


The Big Ten is officially back. As of Wednesday evening, the conference announced it had switched course, and intends to play fall sports in 2020.  This comes on the heels of mounting pressure from players, coaches, fans, and media to salvage a season. On top of that, regional politicians helped the movement gain traction as […] READ MORE

Big Ten Returns To Football


Just five weeks after announcing they were “postponing” the 2020 college football season, the Big Ten has reversed course. Wednesday they will announce they are returning this Fall. The proposed start date is October 23rd-24th. School presidents and chancellors had been meeting all weekend reviewing new data from conference medical experts. They will play an […] READ MORE

Will Wisconsin play College Football in 2020?


The Big Ten announced early last week that the fall sports season has been postponed till the spring. After the announcement, various protests and petitions started to try and reverse the decision. Now, this begs the question, Will Wisconsin play College Football in 2020? Those attempts were quickly extinguished. Commissioner Kevin Warren then reiterated this […] READ MORE

Where Does UCLA Go From Here?

As the Pac 12 cancels all Fall sports, (yes, we know they are calling it a postponement), it leaves a lot of financial questions going forward for every conference school. Some have bigger questions than others. Pac 12 Money Woes Cal is engaged in a lawsuit with Under Armour over a contract that was never […] READ MORE

Where Do We Go After Big Ten Cancels Fall Sports?


The Big Ten cancels fall sports in an announcement Tuesday evening. The college football world must now grapple with the reality that they will not be apart of the 2020 season. Soon after, the Pac 12 announced it intends to follow the Big Ten’s lead in suspending sports for the rest of the year. Big Ten […] READ MORE

Can We Be Honest About CFB Closings?


Cancel the 2020 college football season. We get it. You tried to stir up new schedules like they were margarita mix in a blender, and you thought they would be palatable going forward. You got spooked by medical reports about potential heart problem for victims of COVID and treated it like it was new intel. […] READ MORE

Where Is CFB Right Now?


With all of the punditry going on, and opinions not keeping up with the constantly changing news in the college football world, it is worth it sometimes to take a step back, take a deep breath, and gather ourselves. Where is CFB right now? It helps in trying to figure out where we are and […] READ MORE