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Cole Peterson named Director of Football Operations and Player Personnel at YSU

When being a Director of Football Operations & Player Personnel, you are left with a task at hand.  Especially when it comes to college recruiting and player support.  You would think that is the job for someone in their 40s or 50s. But what if a recent graduate at 23 decided to become one?  Well, most would think that is impossible right? Not for Cole Peterson:  Director of Football Operations and Player Personnel at Youngstown State. 

Cole has been around football all of his life. His dad, John Peterson as covered in the last article coached at a number of places. Places such as Cincinnati, Miami (OH), Arizona, Pitt, Ohio State, and recently Youngstown State.  Being around football, he knew right away that this would be his dream and it has been for Cole.  In just four years, Peterson has gone from an undergraduate assistant coach to Director of Football Operations and Player Personnel.

Not only has he coached football, but basketball too as he was the assistant and director of basketball operations at Pine Richland. The team finished with a record of 28 and eight that season. They won three playoff games but lost to Roman Catholic.

The Interview with Cole Peterson

During my interview with Cole, I first asked him what it had been like going from his old role to this one now.  According to Cole, it has been a great learning experience. One of those is the head football coach, Doug Phillips.

Peterson continued in our interview saying how he had no clue that he was going to get this job.  Even with the departure of Justin-Cummings Morrow and Tim Johnson. That is when coach Phillips gave him the offer and because of that, Peterson shot down the other offers he had from some other schools, ranging from the FBS and FCS.

I also asked him why he wanted to stay in Youngstown, even with all these other offers? To that, he stated how there was a new opportunity and the family around this football team that he has grown around him is truly special. When asked how different this new role was compared to His former role working as an undergrad in Operations and Recruiting, he said its an upper role, some newer responsibilities, more in-depth, more in charge, and that staff members such as Cummings-Morrow & Phillips helped who helped him mature to be ready for this role. 

Conclusion and what to expect

With everything that has gone on this off-season, Youngstown State is looking stronger with a different staff led by coach Phillips. Peterson said that even though the first two seasons did not go as planned, with a regular offseason, the return of the Spring red and white game, and the experience and younger energetic players, this is a whole new ball club and no one will see a team as prepared as the Penguins will be coming this September. We’ll just have to see what takes place in the coming months




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