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The Bulldogs Trap Game That Could Sour Their 2021-22 Season

The Bulldogs Trap Game That Could Sour Their 2021-22 Season

Southeastern Conference teams are used to having a difficult path to success, and Georgia is no exception. The Bulldogs, as usual, have multiple foes on their slate for 2021 that would even give a blind man a cause for concern. But what about trap games? Do the Dawgs have any of those? Just like most other teams, yes.

Trap Game

A “trap game” is one that poses no threat to a squad on the surface. However, upon facing one another, their match is much more competitive than expected, and can even result in an upset. In regards to those types of games, the Bulldogs have a clear candidate for the title, and that is the Kentucky Wildcats.

There are a few reasons as to why Kentucky has shown up on the radar. For starters, the team itself has become very formidable with head coach Mark Stoops and has racked up a good deal of promising wins in recent memory. But the game’s placement on Georgia’s schedule plays a big role in the challenge as well.

Rough Patch

With the way the stretch has been formulated, the Dawgs will face the Cats on October 16th, which is right between the former’s meeting at the Auburn Tigers and a bye week. That isn’t exactly where a Georgia fan would want to see a talent of Kentucky’s caliber be placed.

Auburn is rarely an easy win for most SEC teams, and UGA has to endure them on the road. The bye week, on the other hand, doesn’t sound too bad. Although, it is placed before a matchup with the Florida Gators, who are quite possibly the Bulldogs’ biggest rival.

The Takeaway for the Bulldogs

In other words, Georgia will encounter the Wildcats while both worn from Auburn and looking ahead and preparing for Florida. Exhaustion and distraction are the two most common reasons for trap games even existing.

Typically, Kentucky is a solid opponent. But with the inclusion of the Dawgs outside factors, they just might feel unbeatable when the time comes. If Georgia fails to focus on who is on the field, they will walk off of it as losers.


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