4 Takeaways From The 2021 Ohio State Spring Game

Takeaways Ohio State Spring
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There are plenty of takeaways from the 2021 Ohio State Spring Game for eager Buckeyes fans. The game kicked off at noon on Saturday, and did not lack entertainment.

Key playmakers like Justin Fields and Trey Sermon are headed to the NFL. Ohio State fans tuned into the Spring Game eager to see how the next generation of Buckeye stars would play.

The fresh crop of talent did not disappoint.

The final score showed Team Brutus defeating Team Buckeye 27-14. With a lot to look forward to, Ohio State finished off the 2021 Spring camp with a bang. There are four takeaways after the conclusion of the 2021 Ohio State Spring Game.

4 Takeaways From The 2021 Ohio State Spring Game

Due to the nature of this game, a detailed and crisp analysis will be difficult. First of all, despite the rosters that were released a few days ago, the two teams were fluid. The quarterback position was especially flexible.

Second of all, there was not tackling, so that made things difficult for the run game and the defense.

Finally, the second half was controlled situations, so there were really only two quarters of simulated game action.

However, we can still takeaway some things from the 2021 Ohio State Spring Game.

Takeaway #1: The Quarterback Battle

Fields was one of the best to ever play quarterback in Columbus. The big question is: who will fill his shoes?

C.J.Stroud, Jack Miller, and Kyle McCord were all competing for the job coming into the spring game.

Miller started the game for team Buckeye, and put together a solid drive. But he threw the only interception of the day, a failed back shoulder pass in the end zone intended for Garrett Wilson. After that, Miller seemed to fall apart. He ended the day going 17 for 30 with 128 yards, a touchdown and a pick.

Overall, Miller didn’t look deep often, and didn’t have the confidence of the other two quarterbacks.

Stroud put together a better performance, completing 11 of 16 for 185 yards and  two touchdowns. The frontrunner to win the job put together the best case of all three contenders.

McCord is not to be overlooked, though. He went deep several times, including his first pass of the day downfield to Wilson. The true freshman completed nine of 13 in the first half, with 93 yards and a touchdown. He added another touchdown pass to Jack Royer in the second half, and put together a promising performance.

Takeaway #2: Wide Receivers

The wide receiver group is looking good for Ohio State.

Wilson and Chris Olave were back to their 2020 form in the 2021 Spring Game. Jaxon Smith-Njigba, who had a minor role last year, put his skills on display as well.

The two pleasant surprises were true freshmen Emeka Egbuka and Marvin Harrison Jr.

Egbuka prove why he was the top receiver in the 2021 recruiting class. One play stood above the rest, which was an adjustment he made to haul in a ball thrown behind him.

Egbuka had seven receptions for 123 yards in the first half.

Harrison Jr., son of Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver Marvin Harrison, showed off his pedigree. He had seven receptions in the first half for 49 yards and a touchdown. Harrison was not as highly regarded as Egbuka, but appears to be on the same footing on the field.

The future of the Ohio State receiving corps is very bright. Whomever the quarterback will be in September will have plenty of options to throw to.

Takeaway #3: Jack Sawyer Impressed

The top player in the Buckeyes’ recruiting class was defensive end Jack Sawyer. He showed why, despite the disadvantages on defense due to the format of this game. He had three official sacks and two other pressures that could have been sacks in a regular game.

Sawyer was the first freshman to lose his black stripe, and we can see why. He was one of the most dominant players on the field when he was in the game. Ryan Day said that the way he played on Saturday reflected the way he practiced throughout the spring.

Senior tackle Thayer Munford said in the post game press conference, “I’m just glad he’s on our team.”

According to Day and Munford, Sawyer surprised no one inside the Buckeyes’ football program.

Takeaway #4: The Bullet Position In The Ohio State Defense This Spring

Craig Young and Ronnie Hickman appeared as “BLT” on the spring game rosters. The “Bullet,” is a hybrid between a strong safety and a linebacker, so the Buckeyes picked Young, a natural linebacker, and Hickman, a natural safety.

Both played well in their positions, making plays that saved touchdowns. Ohio State needs to rebuild the defense, and the two bullets give the defense some wiggle room to move other pieces around.

A a first glance, the bullet is a position that will stick this season. Ohio State coaches have talked about it for a while, but Young and Hickman made strong cases to keep it.


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