Top College Football Recruits: 12/2-12/8

top college football recruits

As the early signing day rapidly approaches, there are more and more of the top college football recruits making their decision every single day. This week is no different. Despite having no five-star commitments over the seven day period, it is among the deepest groups of recruits to make their announcements in a single week. A whopping eight four-star players made their decision. This also led to eleven players that would have made the top ten in a normal week being left out in the cold. All player rankings are drawn from the 247Sports composite rankings.

Top College Football Recruits: 12/2-12/8

Honorable Mentions

As mentioned above, a huge number of upper-level players made their decision. Players such as #57 defensive end Braylen Jackson committed to SMU, #80 wide receiver Makai Cope committed to Utah, #46 safety Lyric Rawls committed to Oklahoma State, #36 defensive end Ru’Quan Breckley committed to Nebraska, #55 safety Jah’von Grigsby committed to Purdue, #55 cornerback Jalen Williams committed to Fresno State, #88 wide receiver Harrison Wallace committed to Penn State, #46 defensive end Demareus Smith committed to Ole Miss, and #34 pro-style quarterback Kaden McMullen committed to Alabama A&M. Additionally, Memphis picked up a couple of significant recruits in #65 cornerback Tyren Raby and #33 defensive end Javon Nelson. This is not the last time that the Memphis Tigers will appear this week either.

10. Andre Porter, DT, Maryland

The Maryland Terrapins got a solid addition to their defensive line this week. Porter is the 30th ranked defensive tackle and the 485th overall player in the 2021 class. At 6-foot-3 and 300 pounds, the Washington, Pennsylvania native is a force in the interior of the defensive line. Porter is extremely strong for a high school recruit. His moves to get around his blocker are not exceptional, but they are good. That combined with his power makes Porter a real threat to the quarterback on any given play.

9. Andrew Jones, ILB, Memphis

Memphis has already had two names on this list. Andrew Jones makes that three. The Louisiana native is currently ranked as the 20th best inside linebacker and the 449th best overall player in the class of 2021. Standing at 6-foot tall and weighing 200 pounds, Jones is not extremely big for a linebacker. That does not change his physicality, however. He still hits like a runaway train when he has a path to the ball carrier. Combine that with solid pass coverage and an ability to make a play on the ball and Jones is a truly special prospect. Jones is the top recruit in this year’s class for the Tigers and sits as the 13th best recruit that Memphis has landed since 247Sports began keeping track in 2001. 

8. Patrick Payton, OLB, Florida State

The first of eight four-star players this week, Patrick Payton currently sits as the 22nd best outside linebacker and the 330th overall player in the nation. Payton is tall and lean, standing at 6-foot-5 and weighing just 205 pounds. The outside linebacker is very quick and has a solid swim move he can use on defenders. Do not be surprised if the Seminoles look to bulk Payton up in his first year or so on campus. Adding that strength to Payton could make him a major threat to offenses across the ACC.

7. Darris Smith, DE, Georgia

Georgia had a huge week. Smith is the first of three four-star defensive players to decide to head to Athens this week. Smith is currently rated as the 16th best defensive end and the 312th overall player in the class of 2022. The 6-foot-6, the 225-pound defensive end could make an impact at Georgia really quickly. As a player that falls slightly closer to the light end of the defensive line scale, you would expect Smith to rely heavily on his speed. That is somewhat correct. He is fast and uses that often. However, unexpectedly, he is really strong and can run straight through a blocker if they are trying to take away his chance to go around. Smith is going to be a major weapon for the Bulldogs for a while to come.

6. John Lewis, OLB, Mississippi State

Lewis currently sits as the 21st overall outside linebacker and the 449th overall player in 2021. He was originally expected to commit to Ole Miss before deciding to join their in-state rival, the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Lewis is fast and has a high motor. The Bulldogs will be excited to see a solid addition to their defense after a lackluster season on that side of the ball. 

5. Naquan Brown, DE, Pitt

Brown could be a threat in the future for the Panthers. He currently sits as the 16th best defensive end and the 225th best player in 2020. Brown was an LSU commit for a few months before flipping to Pitt at the beginning of December. Brown is fast and has the athletic ability to drop back in coverage if needed. He could be moved to outside linebacker if needed. His athleticism makes him a great prospect. If he can sort out some technical skills with his hands, Brown could be a top-end defensive lineman for Pitt.

4. Luke Altmyer, QB, Ole Miss

Altmyer is currently rated as the 13th overall pro-style quarterback and 187th overall player in 2020. Altmyer has a good arm and can make those strong throws across the middle of the field. Even as a pro-style quarterback, Altmyer has the ability to make moves in and out of the pocket. His skill set puts him among some of the top college football recruits in 2020. And to add to the fun, Altmyer is from Starkville, Mississippi, home of their in-state rivals, the Mississippi State Bulldogs. 

3. Isaac Thompson, S, Missouri

It is not often that the Missouri Tigers land one of these top recruits, but they got a good one this week with Isaac Thompson. Thompson is the 11th ranked safety and the 157th overall player in 2022. He is the top recruit for the Tigers in next year’s class and the fifteen best the program has seen since 2001. Thompson is a hard hitter, which is always fun to watch as a fan. He has also shown the ability to throw a deep pass on trick plays. But his best skill set is his pass coverage. Whether playing man or zone, Thompson does a great job of locking down receivers and now allowing completions.

2. Nyland Green, CB, Georgia

Green is the fifth-ranked cornerback and the 69th overall player in this year’s class. The second of three Georgia players on this list, Green is a player that could make an impact in his first or second year on campus. A combination of speed, good hands, and the ability to read the quarterback makes Green a great defender. Allow him a year or two to really get his legs under him in Athens, and the Bulldogs could be looking at a top-level defender for a few years to come. 

1. Tyre West, DT, Georgia

The top player this week is once again a Georgia commit. The 5th ranked defensive tackle and the 48th overall player in 2022, West is a major pickup for the Bulldogs. West is an extremely hard-hitting defensive lineman. He is fast for an interior lineman and has a good bit of strength. However, one of the biggest strengths for West is his motor. He never gives up on the play. There are numerous examples of him chasing down a receiver or running back who has already made it to the second level. That is what every coach wants to see. West is one of the top college football recruits in next year’s class for a reason.