Top College Football Recruits: 11/5-11/11

top college football recruits

Another week of recruiting is in the books. This week’s big story was definitely the little guys making their splash. To be more specific two little guys made their splashes in a really big way. Outside of those two smaller programs, there were a lot of the normal big names snatching up recruits as well. A couple of the top college football recruits in the coming two classes also made their decisions this week. All rankings are based on the 247Sports Composite ranking.

Top College Football Recruits: 11/5-11/11

Honorable Mentions

Aside from the top ten, there were a handful of quality players to decide where they will continue their careers. That includes offensive tackle Ryan O’Hair who committed to Miami University, wide receiver Jojo Bermudez who committed to Rutgers, athlete Isiah Cox who committed to Cincinnati, and athlete Herman Smith who committed to Jackson State.

10. Dylan Lopez, Guard, USC

This week’s rankings start in the class of 2022. Dylan Lopez is the 17th ranked guard in next year’s class, as well as the 516th overall player. He stands at 6-foot-3 and weighs 280 pounds. Lopez does not present a lot of speed or agility in the trenches. However, he does have a lot of power and is able to assert that power on his opponent on any given play. Lopez could be a good player in the Pac-12, but could also use a bit of time to develop a bit more.

9. Hal Presley, WR, Auburn

Heading back to the class of 2021, Hal Presley is the 74th ranked receiver and the 485th player overall in his class. Standing at 6-foot-3, Presley has a good bit of length to go make a play when needed. There is also no denying just how fast Presley is. He can fly up and down the field, which will be a problem for defenders even once he makes it to the college level. Presley also has a pretty good vertical in addition to his height, making him a real red-zone threat. A red zone threat with the speed to be a threat all over the field is the recipe for a high-level receiver.

8. Zeiqui Lawton, DE, Cincinnati 

The first of a few players to decide to join the Bearcats this week, Lawton is currently the 37th ranked defensive end and 547th overall player in 2021. He has decent size at 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds, but nothing that is truly exceptional. The same can not be said about his talent, though, as he is an incredibly talented player. For one, he is quick. He is able to get into the backfield fast enough that the quarterback often can not react. Lawton also has really good skills with his hands. Specifically, he has a really good swim move to get by his blocker. Once he is one on one with the ball carrier, Lawton also has the ability to put a solid hit on someone. Lawton also has a really high motor and never gives up on the play. Choosing to go to a slightly smaller school will also the defensive end to contribute very early on. 

7. Stephan Byrd, RB, Cincinnati

Another future Bearcat, Byrd comes from the 2022 recruiting class. He is currently the 33rd ranked running back and 377th overall player next year. Byrd is explosively fast. Once he gets into the secondary, the defense is in big trouble. If he gets a head of steam, it is hard to stop him. He reads the play very well. Byrd can seemingly see the hole before it opens. As soon as it opens up, he is able to hit it and take off upfield. He is able to make moves side to side, as well. Byrd is the type of player who somewhat goes under the radar right now, but after a few years with the Bearcats, it is likely that a lot of college football fans will know his name.

6. Markus Allen, WR, Wisconsin

Markus Allen is the 60th ranked wide receiver and the 373rd overall player in the class of 2021. Allen is as fast as anyone else on this list, but that is not even the best tool he has. Allen has a good vertical and is able to fight through defenders when a ball is misplaced. His hands are phenomenal, as well. This combination makes him a big-time weapon. He turns a 50-50 ball into a 75-25 ball. Allen will be a significant contributor for the Badgers down the line.

5. Yousef Mugharbil, Guard, Florida

Mugharbil is the first four-star on this week’s list. He currently sits as the 15th ranked guard and the 266th ranked overall player. Mugharbil is very strong and is a really good blocker. His one downside might be that he is too focused on one player and will miss other blocks because of this. However, technically and skill-wise, Mugharbil is a very good player. He has the potential to be a very good player for the Gators if he can clean up the little things.

4. Melvin Jordan, OLB, Cincinnati 

Heading back to the class of 2022 once again, Melvin Jordan joins Lawton and Byrd as future Bearcats. Jordan is the 20th ranked outside linebacker and the 262nd overall player in next year’s class. He has also taken a lot of snaps as a running back in high school. Because of this, he has a good bit of speed, agility, and catching ability. He is also above average in coverage. One of the things that stands out the most is his tackling. His tackling is almost always very fundamentally sound, but he also can lay down a big hit. There is a reason he is one of the better college football recruits in next year’s class.

3. Shedeur Sanders, QB, Jackson State

Getting Sanders is a huge grab for Jackson State. However, it probably was not a very hard recruiting sale. Sander is the son of Deion Sanders, the current head coach of Jackson State. Sanders is the 14th ranked pro-style quarterback and the 229th overall player in 2021. The recruit is incredibly talented. Only currently rated as a four-star, Sanders has a phenomenal arm. He has a lot of strength to be able to force it downfield. Pair that with the ability to thread the needle with really good accuracy and you have a quarterback that has all the tools to lead a team to many victories. It is also worth noting that Sanders is now the best recruit for Jackson State since the 247Sports Composite system began in 2000. This is now the second time that Coach Sanders has recruited the new best player that JSU has had. 

2. Rayshaun Benny, DT, Michigan State

While Benny is the only player from Michigan State to make the rankings, the team also had three other players commit this week, including two three-stars. Benny is currently the 15th ranked defensive tackle and the 188th overall player. The 6-foot-5 and 275-pound player has all the talent to make an impact for the Spartans. He is really strong and can easily overpower the player in front of him. That might be a reflection on playing against high schoolers, but Benny is big enough that he may be able to do the same once joining the Spartans. He is also pretty good with his hands and displays a few good moves to get around his blocker.

1. Derrick Davis Jr, Safety, LSU

The top player to commit this week was the 2nd best safety in the class of 2021. Davis is also ranked as the 53rd best player in the nation. LSU has a rich history of producing great players in the secondary. Adding one of the top college football recruits in one of those positions will only add to that legacy. Davis has all the tools and abilities you could want out of a safety. He has good hands and is able to intercept the ball if it is in his area. Davis can lay big hits when given the opportunity and can force fumbles even without big hits. One of his most impressive skills is his ability to run a play down from virtually anywhere on the field. He will look like he is too far away from the play but will run it down and make a stop to the surprise of everyone. He just does not quit, and when a player possesses the speed that he does, that means he is going to make a lot of plays. Davis is certainly one of the top college football recruits and will be one of the top college players.