Top Ten Commitments: 10/7-10/14

This week was a fun week of recruiting with some big names. Let's take a look at the top ten commitments of the week for October 7th-14th.

Every week, we see exciting games on the field in college football, but perhaps even more exciting is the games we see being played off of the field: the recruiting. What better way to keep up with all of these than with a nice consolidated weekly list of the top ten commitments.

Top Ten Commitments: 10/7-10/14

This week was not too wildly eventful, but there were a couple of important commitments as well as one huge name off the board. This week we saw 41 players commit to Division I schools. It was hard to just pick ten guys to highlight, so there is an honorable mention who just barely missed the top ten commitments of the week.

Honorable Mention: Braezhon Ross, Defensive Tackle, Jackson State 

With someone with the profile of “PrimeTime” Deion Sanders taking over as head coach of Jackson State, you would expect some big-name moves in comparison to what the Tigers have done in the past. What you did not expect is for Sanders to grab the best recruit the school has had since 24/7 Sports started using their composite rankings in 2000, but that is exactly what he did with his first high school commitment. Braezhon Ross also had offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Colorado State, but the three-star defensive tackle decided to join Sanders in Jackson, Mississippi. 

10. Matt Ragan, Tight End, Boston College

This week’s top ten commitments starts with a guy you will not see on a college field next season. Class of 2022 tight end Matt Ragan is currently ranked as the 25th best tight end and 467th best overall player graduating after next season. The three-star tight end has really good hands and an innate ability to find the ball. Standing at six-foot-five-inches tall, Ragan has the size to be a successful tight end in the ACC. He’s only 220 lbs., so he could stand to beef up a little bit, but either way, Ragan has shown that he has the talent to go out and catch the ball. He also shows great blocking ability on both run and pass plays. His biggest downside is his speed. Ragan is not a particularly quick player on the field. This kind of locks him into the tight end slot as he is not fast enough to move to wide receiver, however, that fits well with his blocking ability. The only reason that could be an issue is that Boston College will have at least six other tight ends on their roster once he makes it to the Eagles. 

9. Jeffrey Bassa, Safety, Oregon

Coming in as the 50th best safety and 660th best player in 2021, Jeffrey Bassa will be joining 10 other safeties at Oregon next season. Despite the crowded depth chart, Bassa could still be a contributor for the Ducks. Bassa has seen playing time as an outside linebacker and as a wide receiver, as well, so clearly he is athletic enough to move around if needed. He could also be used on special teams as he returned some kickoffs and punts for touchdowns during his junior season. At six-foot-three-inches tall, Bassa is not the tallest guy, but he is quick. He does a great job of getting open and then making the opponent miss once he has the ball. On defense, he does a good job in man coverage of sticking to his man, while also doing well to read the QB when playing in a zone. 

8. Albert Regis, Defensive Tackle, Texas A&M

The first SEC player to make it onto the list, the three-star defensive tackle from La Porte, Texas made his commitment to the Aggies this week. Once again, Albert Regis is a player who played both sides of the ball in high school. Regis is the 26th ranked defensive tackle and is ranked 428th overall. He played quite a bit of tight end and running back during his junior year and showed off a good deal of speed for a 300-pound defensive lineman. Regis is strong and hard to get down. When you see him at defensive tackle, his block shedding is really strong and he can put pressure on a quarterback. 

7. Sam Roush, Tight End, Stanford

The first four-star on this list is 2022 tight end, Sam Roush. Roush is the eighth-ranked tight end and #225 overall player next year. As a receiving tight end, he is not exceptional. He is not incredibly fast, but he does have solid hands and at six-foot-five-inches, he is a big target for any quarterback. Roush’s biggest strength however is his blocking and it is a huge strength. Roush is a sensational blocker and appears to manhandle many of the defenders he gets matched up with. He will be one of six tight ends when he gets on campus, but his ability to help clear a lane for a running back could be what sets him apart from his peers.

6. Josh Moore, Safety, USC

Josh Moore is only a three-star, but the safety could easily be a four-star. Moore is currently the 28th ranked safety and 409th overall in the nation. He is incredibly talented on the defensive side of the ball and could be a guy that is making a major impact at USC in the next couple of years. Moore is very quick. He can cover a lot of ground and close on both the ball and receiver in very little time. The safety has good hands and took snaps at receiver as well. He has the ability to lay a big hit at times, but usually just puts on a good, fundamentally sound tackle. Moore is the type of player who is far more impressive than the three-star rating he currently has.  Interestingly enough, Moore also just de-committed from USC’s rival, Stanford, the week before this commitment. 

5. Dametrious Crownover, TE, Texas A&M

Once again, we see Texas A&M find a spot on this list. This time it is for picking up four-star tight end Dametrious Crownover. He is the #11 tight end and #241 overall. Crownover has a lot of the same skills as Roush did at tight end with one big advantage: speed. Crownover is super speedy for a six-foot-six-inch, 275-pound tight end. He has the ability to get downfield to catch a pass, while also having the strength and technique to block for his running back and quarterback. This is a win for Texas A&M.

4. Shambre Jackson, Defensive End, Florida State

Shambre Jackson is a good pick-up for the Seminoles. Jackson is the #17 strongside defensive end and is ranked #223 overall this season. Like many other relatively highly ranked prospects, Jackson is fast. As a defensive end, he has good block shedding moves and a super high motor. Even when he is out of position, Jackson never gives up on the play and often can chase it down and get involved again. That is something you love to see from any player. He does not appear to be an absolute game-changer right off of the bat, but Jackson could absolutely be a solid player in Tallahassee. 

3. Michael Trigg, Tight End, USC

Another repeat appearance for the Trojans and this time it is for a tight end. Micheal Trigg is the fifth-ranked tight end and #152 overall player for 2021. Trigg’s speed is alright for a tight end, but his hands are really good. He has the ability to make some spectacular catches. Trigg is also exceptional at breaking tackles and avoiding going down. The four-star also has his fair bit of swagger, which means he will fit in wonderfully in SoCal when he joins the Trojans.

2. Luther Burden, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

One of two five-stars to commit this week, Luther Burden is the second-ranked receiver and #14 overall player for 2022. Burden has a lot of speed. He can burn you over the top or he can catch it underneath and run through the whole defense with the ball. The receiver has a really great ability to catch the ball, but his speed is easily his greatest asset. He flies all over the field and there are not many who can hang with him stride for stride. It seems as if he will fit in perfectly in Oklahoma’s high-powered offense in a couple of years. 

1. Amarius Mims, Offensive Tackle, Georgia

This was a huge grab for Georgia, both literally and figuratively. Amarius Mims comes in at six-foot-seven-inches and 315 pounds. He is the second-ranked offensive tackle in the nation and the sixth overall player for 2021. There is not much you can say about Mims. He is very big and very strong. Watching his tape, it is clear that he is a force on the football field. Mims also sets as the ninth-best recruit in Georgia history since the 24/7 Composite scores went into effect in 2000. He’s good and this is a major victory for the Bulldogs in the recruiting battles going on.


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