Ohio State Players That Could Sit Out in 2020

But what about the Buckeyes? Could any Ohio State players sit out in 2020? Thankfully for Ohio State, the in big roles are younger or need extra snaps.

No Ohio State players plan to sit out in 2020, but that could quickly change.

Despite many sports starting back up, albeit, with varying success, college football still feels up in the air.

With all the uncertainty, Virginia Tech cornerback Caleb Farley has already decided to sit out for the 2020 season and focus on the draft.

As a projected first-round pick, the risk is too great. Contracting a serious virus, having a poor season due to all of the changes made to college football, or playing in the spring could hurt his NFL draft stock.

While Virginia Tech fans may not be happy, most people around college football understand the reasoning.

But what about the Buckeyes? Could any Ohio State players sit out in 2020?

Virginia Tech produces first-round talent regularly, but not at the level of Ohio State. Any given year, Ohio State could have multiple players who are projected first-round picks.

Thankfully for Ohio State, most of their top players left last year. The players who are set to play big roles are younger or need extra snaps on film.

That said, there are still a few Buckeye players that could sit out in 2020.

Ohio State Players That Could Sit Out in 2020

Justin Fields

This would be a worst-case scenario for Ohio State fans.

Justin Fields is one of the top two quarterbacks in college football in 2020 and has a good chance at being the first overall draft pick.

His performance in 2019 after transferring to Ohio State makes a good enough case for the NFL. He likely doesn’t need to play in 2020 to prove his value to NFL teams.

If Fields were to sit out, then the best option for Ohio State would be to hold a competition between Jack Miller and C.J. Stroud. Both will be true freshmen, so whoever is under center will be inexperienced. The only experienced quarterback on the roster is Gunnar Hoak, who is but only has 32 career attempts.

Chris Olave

Ohio State’s best receiver, Chris Olave, could be drafted in the early rounds if he sat out in 2020. However, a great season could really boost his stock. The likelihood of his decision depending on what Fields does is high.

If Fields goes, Olave likely follows. It might be better for him to sit out than to receive passes from a true freshman quarterback.

But if Fields stays, Olave could cement himself as the top receiver in the class.

Wyatt Davis

A returning First-Team All-American, Wyatt Davis is considered one of the best interior linemen in the nation.

He is a junior and therefore will be eligible for the 2020 NFL draft. Davis is likely going to be a first-round pick whether he plays or not.

If he sits out in 2020, Matthew Jones or Enokk Vimahi will slide in at right guard. Both would be first-year starters if they were pressed into service.

Shaun Wade

Shaun Wade has already said if football is moved to the spring, he will sit out.

Wade played slot corner last year and was set to finally play on the outside. But he has already decided he’ll take his chances in the draft.

With the way that NFL teams use the slot, having a solid slot cornerback is a huge advantage. Whether Wade gets to play on the boundary or not, he will be highly sought.

Wade is an excellent player, but Ohio State is bursting at the seems at cornerback. If Wade sits out, it will give a young up-and-comer the chance to become Ohio State’s next great cornerback.

Right now, there appears to be a three-man competition for the two available spots. If Wade sits out, then Sevyn Banks, Cameron Brown, and Marcus Williamson will get to start.

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