Three Possible NFL Landing Spots for Kellen Mond

Texas A&M Key Players

Kellen Mond is entering the 2020 season as a fourth year senior and his fourth year as the Aggies starting quarterback. Some consider him to be one of the top, if not the top, quarterback in the SEC. With depth at receiver and the strongest offensive line he’s had since the days of Kevin Sumlin, the ceiling for Mond’s senior campaign is higher than it has ever been. Mond has shown his ability to grow in a system that is vastly different than his high school offense. He orchestrated the seven overtime win against LSU in 2018. Earlier that season, the Aggies almost knocked off the Clemson Tigers, a game that was effectively decided by a controversial touchback call.

Three Possible NFL Landing Spots for Kellen Mond

To some, 2019 appeared to be a regression for the quarterback. But taking all things into consideration, an argument can be made that Mond actually performed just as well, if not better than he would have in the previous year. Whatever form of season 2020 brings, it will be Mond’s final chance to show he has what it takes to play on Sundays. Barring a Heisman-like season, he will probably be drafted on late day two or early day three of the draft. This is not entirely due to Mond’s play, as the NFL is in a rather unique situation in regards to the supply and demand of quarterbacks. Either way, here are three possible landing spots for the Aggie ball-slinger.

Chicago Bears

Mitchell Trubisky appears to be on his way out of the Bears organization. Even though they traded up to draft him over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, his production has fallen well short of what the Bears need to return to greatness. While Chicago did bring in former Super Bowl winning quarterback, Nick Foles, his long-term future with the organization is still up in the air. Assuming Trubisky is out, the Bears could bring in Mond as a Foles understudy.

By the end of his contract, Foles would be almost 35 years old. Mond would have two years of learning from, not only from his predecessor, but under Head Coach Matt Nagy too. It would be an old-school situation that would set up Mond for success. Plus, with his arm strength and body type, the cold, windy climate of the mid-west should be no issue.

Las Vegas Raiders

When Coach Jon Gruden sees a player he likes, he drafts him, even if it does come with some scrutiny. Mond has the aura of a “Gruden” guy: hard working, athletic, fast learning. Sure, Mond will be a project. But it usually takes more than that to scare the quarterback guru away from a possible starter. Derek Carr’s career seems to be sputtering; Marcus Mariota has been hot and cold his entire career. If Mond is able to sit for a few seasons under either or both of these vets, he could learn a lot before stepping in as QB1 whenever his time comes.

New England Patriots

Nobody really knows what Bill Belichick has hidden up his hoodie sleeves. In what many considered a masterful stroke of genius, the Pats signed Cam Newton as their starting quarterback, despite his battle with an ongoing shoulder injury. Time will tell whether or not Newton will remain in New England. If he does, Mond would fit as his successor. Both men are tall and have strong arms. Both can run and extend plays. It is a match as to which can learn to play to his strengths and even polish them under a former MVP. Even if the Newton experiment flops, The Hoodie will have a plan. If Kellen Mond is in his quarterback room, someone will be there to mentor him.