Texas A&M Recruiting Profile: Demond Demas

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Aggie fans everywhere have been waiting for the day when Coach Jimbo Fisher gets “his guys” onto the field, filtering out the remnants of the previous administration. Fisher is entering year three of his 10-year contract, and his first recruits are finally starting to see the majority of playing time. The 2019 class was Fisher’s best class, headlined by immediate contributors, Kenyon Green and DeMarvin Leal. The momentum carried over to 2020, with the Aggies signing two 5-star players and the top-ranked player from Mississippi, Arkansas, and Illinois. The Aggies also have a star receiver in the making in Demond Demas.

Texas A&M Recruiting Profile:

Demond “Hollywood” Demas

  • WR
  • 6’4” 195 lbs
  • Tomball, TX

Wide-receiver and social media phenom, Demond “Hollywood” Demas, is at the front this pack hoping to bring some electricity to the Aggie offense immediately. Even though he was unable to play his senior year of high school due to a controversial UIL ruling, Demas earned his fifth star and remained high in the rankings, sitting as the 3rd ranked wide receiver in the nation and the 4th player in the state of Texas. 2020 will be his debut season for the Aggies, but many believe he will contribute his freshman year, despite steep competition.



Ball Skills

The term “ball skills” can be pretty ambiguous, sort of like “arm talent” for quarterbacks. It is an easy phrase to misapply. Demas makes it an easy call, though; the kid has tremendous ball skills, no matter how the word is defined. His ability to track the ball in the air and know where to position his body is top-notch. Like an experienced NBA player going up for a rebound, he always manages to be in the right position. Demas could also be called “plucky,” able to high-point the ball and pluck it out of the air. While many players possess a few attributes that fall into the category of “ball skills,” (jumping, soft hands, body placement, etc.) Demas seems to have the whole package.

Run After Catch (RAC)

His ability to run after the catch almost makes him seem like a tall running back. With a 40-yard dash time of 4.36, speed is on his side, as well as acceleration. Can he go up and win the jump ball? Of course. But he is just as deadly on any other route; once the ball is in his hands, big things tend to happen.


Athlete. If there was one word describe Demas, that is what it would be. Athleticism is not something that can be taught or learned. Either you got or you don’t, and Hollywood defiantly does. He makes tough catches many players are not able to, runs crisp and violent routes, and his ability to simply make plays is elite. Check out these displays of athleticism that have over two million views on Twitter!


His love for the game is clear. Even though he had to sit out his senior year of high school, his body has not regressed and he continues to post videos of his hard workouts. There have been a lot of great players to come through Aggieland. It could be argued that it was a lack of love for the game that kept some from blossoming into the players many thought they would become. If Demas does not turn into the player he is expected to be, it probably will not be due to a lack of passion.


No Senior Season

Because of the controversial UIL ruling that kept Hollywood out of a Tomball High jersey, he has only played in one actual game since 2018. Making the jump from junior year football to the SEC can be like trying to leap the Grand Canyon. That may be a well-earned concern. But in the Polynesian Bowl, Hollywood put on a show, showing how the lack of a senior season may not even be an issue.

Player Comparison

Some have compared Hollywood to DJ Chark, the up-and-coming Jacksonville Jaguar receiver. While their skill set and body-type are similar, one cannot leave out Demas’s attitude and flair that earned him his nickname. Terrell Owens is the more appropriate comparison. Like the Hall of Famer, Demas brings to the table a multi-faceted impact that can frustrate defenses with his play and his talk. Both are great runners with the football, electric out of their break, and are just ballers in every sense of the word. Demas is so much like Owens, he even brought out an old T.O. celebration…