Oklahoma Sooners Greatest Games Tournament: Round of 32

Oklahoma Spring Game
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Last week, we began the first round of the Oklahoma Sooners greatest games tournament with the round of 64 games in each region. Today, we will trim the list from 64 to 16. How many double-digit seeds will we see make it to the Sweet 16? As we look at mythical tournaments such as these, we wonder who would be the prohibitive favorite? Would it be the 1971 Game of the Century? Even though our sports are on a temporary hiatus, the real college football season is around the corner and now is the best time to sign up for Fanduel with this exclusive Fanduel promo code. Now, Let’s begin looking at the matchups and results of the second round of the Oklahoma Sooners greatest games tournament.

Round of 32: Oklahoma Sooners Greatest Games

Bud Wilkinson Region

(1) 1971 Nebraska 35 Oklahoma 31 vs (8) 1968 Oklahoma 26 Tennessee 24

The sheer power appeal of the number one seed in the Bud Wilkinson region is hard to beat. When you take into account that the game of the century can still be referred to that this many years later is astonishing. Even in a losing effort, the game of the century advances to the sweet 16 over the Orange Bowl victory over Tennessee.

Winner: 1971 Nebraska 35 Oklahoma 31

(4) 1976 Oklahoma 14 Michigan 6 vs (5) 1976 Oklahoma 20, Nebraska 17

In this matchup, we have everything you look for in a second-round four against five matchup. With Oklahoma vs Michigan, we have the culmination of one of the most dominant defensive teams in school history with a national title. Comparatively, you have the first of a trend of come-from-behind victories for the Sooners over the Cornhuskers. The national championship game wins here in a close contest.

Winner: 1976 Oklahoma 14 Michigan 6

(2) 1975 Oklahoma 28 Missouri 27 vs (7) 1974 Oklahoma 28 Nebraska 14

Without the play of Joe Washington in this game against Missouri, a national championship would be unlikely. Every team that wins a title has to win a game in the regular season where the odds are stacked against them and this was it for the 1975 team. Meanwhile, the victory for the Sooners against Nebraska was more of a dominant win in which Oklahoma ran for over 500 yards. Little Joe and the 1975 win over Missouri wins in dominating fashion.

Winner: 1975 Oklahoma 28 Missouri 27

(3) 1972 Oklahoma 17 Nebraska 14 vs (6) 1975 Oklahoma 46 Pittsburgh 10

Revenge is a dish best served cold and the Sooners got that on a cold day in Lincoln with a 17-14 win over Nebraska. However, it was the Sooner defense that stood strong with three interception. In the same manner, the defense was the key to Oklahoma’s domination of Tony Dorsett and the Pitt Panthers. The 1972 win over Nebraska advances in a methodical defensive struggle.

Winner: 1972 Oklahoma 17 Nebraska 14

Barry Switzer Region

(1) 1987 Oklahoma 17 Nebraska 7 vs (9) 1981 Oklahoma 18 Florida State 17

Much like the number one seed in the Bud Wilkinson region, this number one seed comes on the heels of the second game of the century. However, this one comes with a much better result. Oklahoma dominated Nebraska in this game. Even with the heroics of J.C. Watts against Florida State, this is no match for the Sooners 1987 win over Nebraska

Winner: 1987 Oklahoma 17 Nebraska 7

(4) 1979 Oklahoma 31 Nebraska 24 vs (5) 1988 Oklahoma 31 Oklahoma State 28

Billy Sims said the loss to Nebraska in 1978 in which Oklahoma lost six fumbles was one of only two games that made him cry. Well, he was jubilant after the dominant rematch in the Orange Bowl. However, Sooner fans like to revel in the opportunity to crush the dreams of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. So, in beating perhaps the best Cowboy team ever with a dropped pass in the end zone is enough to get the nod here.

Winner: 1988 Oklahoma 31 Oklahoma State 28

(2) 1977 Oklahoma 29 Ohio State 28 vs (7) 1984 Oklahoma 17 Nebraska 7

Even though Barry Switzer likes to lovingly diminish the heroics of Uwe von Schamann by pointing out if injuries weren’t present his kick wouldn’t have been needed. Be that as it may, this still lands as Sooner Magic and the most iconic kick in Sooner history. By the same token, the 1984 victory over Nebraska was very much the same. But, this was with multiple goalline stands. However, the staying power of the kick reigns supreme here.

Winner: 1977 Oklahoma 29 Ohio State 28

(3) 1979 Oklahoma 17 Nebraska 14 vs (6) 1986 Oklahoma 20 Nebraska 17

When Switzer asked Sims if he had one more special game in him, the college football world waited. But, the Heisman Trophy winner responded with 247 yards and carried the Sooners to a win. However, we have our first true upset from a seeding perspective in this matchup. The heroics of Jamelle Holieway and Keith Jackson was too much to overcome in this one.

Winner: 1986 Oklahoma 20 Nebraska 17

Bob Stoops Region

(1) 2000 Oklahoma 31 Nebraska 14 vs (8) 2000 Oklahoma 41 Kansas State 31

After a down period of the 90s, we move into the 2000s with the Bob Stoops region. The 2000 win over Nebraska not only proved that Oklahoma was back on top of the college football world but the resurgence was indeed real. But, that game would have lost any significance without the brilliant play of Josh Heupel in a huge road win over Kansas State. However, that win over Nebraska is iconic and wins over the Wildcat win.

Winner: 2000 Oklahoma 31 Nebraska 14

(4) 2000 Oklahoma 35 Texas A&M 31 vs (12) 2004 Oklahoma 12 Texas 0

The biggest fork in the road for the 2000 team was the trip to College Station. For quite a while, it looked as if the Sooners magical season of resurgence would end. But, Sooner Magic was alive and well with Torrance Marshall and his game-winning interception return. Conversely, we have one of the most dominant defensive performance from beginning to end in 2004 as the Sooners shut out the Longhorns. With all due respect to the defensive effort, Sooner Magic wins every time.

Winner: 2000 Oklahoma 35 Texas A&M 31

(2) 2001 Oklahoma 13 Florida State 2 vs (10) 2001 Oklahoma 14 Texas 3

Ironically, we have two games going against each other where Roy Williams made game-changing plays in both games. Williams recovered a Rocky Calmus forced fumble of Florida State quarterback Chris Weinke to set up a game-sealing touchdown. And, nobody will ever be able to forget the superman play against Texas that directly resulted in a touchdown. Even though the individual play was less spectacular, the win meant a national championship and that puts this game over the top.

Winner: 2001 Oklahoma 13 Florida State 2

(6) 2000 Oklahoma 63 Texas 14 vs (14) 2007 Oklahoma 28 Texas 21

We have a battle of first-round upsets here for our final game in the Bob Stoops region of the Oklahoma Sooners greatest games tournament. On one hand, you have the dismantling of Texas by the 2000 team. That win really woke up the Sooner nation and the college football world that Oklahoma could indeed be back. Conversely, we have the back and forth game between Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy. The game also has the star appeal of Demarco Murray hurdling a Longhorn defender on his way to a touchdown. But, it’s nearly impossible to overcome a Longhorn thrashing.

Winner: 2000 Oklahoma 63 Texas 14

Lincoln Riley Region

(1) 2014 Oklahoma 45 Alabama 31 vs (9) 2012 Oklahoma 51 Oklahoma St. 48

No matter the circumstances, a win over Alabama is something that should be celebrated in a big way. Especially, when you think of the star power that the Crimson Tide team had with the likes of A.J. McCarron, Derrick Henry, and Amari Cooper. Even the heroics of Blake Bell and Brennan Clay would not be enough. The Sugar Bowl-winning Sooners win easily.

Winner: 2014 Oklahoma 45 Alabama 31

(4) 2019 Oklahoma 34 Baylor 31 vs (5) 2017 Oklahoma 31 Ohio State 16

Two of the most exciting road victories of the last five years take place here. On one side, you have the greatest comeback in the history of a school that is built on fantastic come from behind performances. Conversely, there is the near-flawless performance by Baker Mayfield in an epic showdown of two of the biggest blue-blood programs in the history of college football. Mayfield edges out Jalen Hurts in an extremely close matchup.

Winner: 2017 Oklahoma 31 Ohio State 16

(2) 2015 Oklahoma 31 Tennessee 24 vs (7) 2015 Oklahoma 30 TCU 29

Having the opportunity to witness both of these games live, each game had an element of despair for Sooner fans. In an incredible environment in SEC country, Oklahoma was in the midst of one of its worst offensive performances in recent history until Mayfield directed some Sooner Magic. However, you also felt the deflation in Norman as Mayfield was out with a concussion and Oklahoma needed a late two-point conversion stop in order to save the season. Any win over an SEC opponent in the fashion that it happens just means a little more.

Winner: 2015 Oklahoma 31 Tennessee 24

(14) 2015 Oklahoma 44 Baylor 34 vs (11) 2010 Oklahoma 23 Nebraska 20

Finally, we reach our final games of the Oklahoma Sooners greatest games tournament and it will indeed become a double-digit seed that advances. The Mayfield theme continues as his brash, cocky style spearheaded a great offense performance against Baylor which propelled the Sooners to a conference championship. But, another 14-point comeback against Nebraska in the very last game played as conference members for a Big 12 Championship. Long live the battle of the big reds.

Winner: 2010 Oklahoma 23 Nebraska 20